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2002 Alberta Record Black Bear Image
Location: Donnelly Alberta, CanadaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

2002 Alberta Record Black Bear

May 17, 2002 by Doug Evert

It was a rainy evening in northwest Alberta, Canada. It was the 4th day of a 6-day black bear hunt with Plihal’s Frank Lake Guiding/Outfitting and I was high up in a spruce tree overlooking a bait site of beaver carcass and cookies. On the first night of the hunt, I had seen two black bears. I spooked the first one while approaching my tree stand and about an hour later, a smaller bear had came in to the site. I had taken pictures of the bear while he ate, and then he had decided to climb the tree I was in. When he was about halfway up the tree, I yelled at him. He looked at me and then backed down the tree and ate some more cookies. After about 45 minutes of gorging himself on my bait and taking a short nap, the bear had left and I hadn’t seen anything since then.
Suddenly my attention was focused on the present. A huge black bear was coming down the old logging road towards my bait pile. He looked humongous! The bear stopped at a 45-degree angle to me and sniffed the beaver carcass. Before he had a chance to start his evening meal, I drew my Mathews and released the arrow. It was a pass through shot – right through the heart. I found him only about 40 yards from the point of impact. He WAS humongous. The bear weighed 450 pounds, his hide squared 7’1”, and he scored 20-7/16 P&Y. (At the 2002 Alberta Outfitters Show, my bear was the second largest bear taken that year.) The last day of the hunt I took another smaller black bear.
I shot both bears with my Mathews Feather-Light, Gold Tip arrows, and Rocky Mountain titanium broad heads. I have also taken moose, antelope, caribou, numerous deer, and other bears with my Mathews. Keep up the good work! Your equipment is far superior to anything on the market. I hope to purchase a new LX sometime in the near future (if my new wife will let me; she’s so proud of how well I do with my Feather-Light, she’s reluctant to let me buy a different bow!).

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