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2000 Muley Buck Image
Location: Nogales, AZAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Mule Deer

2000 Muley Buck

December 27, 2000 by Miguel F. Morales

It was getting to the close of the season and I was still looking for my first deer with a bow. The rut seemed to be going rather strong and I was seeing a few does that were getting chased by a buck. All of a sudden I saw a nice buck start trotting in my direction. I hid behind a tree and some bushes and tried to make out which way the buck was going to move. I figured him to be on a trail that was no more than 18 yds away. When the buck finally emerged he was on a trail about 35 yds down the hill. I had my Mathews Q2 at full draw and saw the arrow disappear in the animals side. The buck bolted and I didnt quite make out what happened. So I stood up slightly just in time to see the antlers tip over. I shot him through the heart and before I knew it he was down. I used Blackhawk Vapors CAA w/ Rocky Mountain Ironhead.

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