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1st Whitetail Image
Location: ColoradoAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

1st Whitetail

November 11, 2005 by Phillip Gaines

Well I cut out of work early on Friday and drove three hours to my spot on the river bottoms so that I could put a stand up for the weekend. Well after I had hung my stand, and was coming down from it, keep in mind no bow and still in work clothes, a really nice buck with split brow tines walked by me at 15 yards. He was totally unaware that I was there, jumped in the river, watered, and headed back into the willows. After he disappeared I jumped out of the tree, practically ran the half mile back to my truck, where I changed and grabbed my gear to head back to the stand. When I got back to my stand I set my decoy to the north of me, and littered the area with deer scent. I wasn’t in my stand a half hour when I saw a doe come out of the willows far enough to catch my scent. She ran back into the willows, and a good buck then followed her. So I did a grunt bleat series, and waited. Not two minutes later I caught movement on my left, it was the buck, not 15 yards away, walking cautiously towards my decoy. When I drew, he stopped and starred at the decoy, he stood there so long I had to let down. Within seconds after I let down my bow he walked into my only shooting lane and stopped, Ill admit it was tough to draw my bow back after holding it for so long, but I was barely able to draw my bow, and the arrow was on its way. The buck took off and plowed through a couple thick willow bushes, but didn’t make it 70 yards where he dropped in sight. For my first whitetail I was really excited to put my hands around those bright white horns. He tapes out at a rough 159” gross, but I think that he will end up netting somewhere in the low to mid 140’s with a more detailed taping. Either way I am truly proud of him and excited to do a little grillin! Thanks Mathews for making a fantastic bow, and helping me take another fine animal with my new Switchback!!

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