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1st whitetail bow hunt Image
Location: Rio Rojo Outfitters, Olustee, OKAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

1st Whitetail Bow Hunt

April 11, 2012 by Anthony Boschert

I will start off honestly and say that I never really thought much about bow hunting. Being from Alaska and growing up here it is just easier with a rifle. So when my dad said that I was going down to Oklahoma to hunt deer and I couldn’t use my rifle, I was somewhat upset. My dad gave me his MQ32 and I commenced to practicing. After a couple days I started to really like shooting a bow more and more (A.K.A. not missing as much). When it came to my bow certification I was so nervous I forgot my release. Thankfully my instructor was kind enough to let me borrow his and I passed perfectly. So all certed up and rearing to go, I practiced more and built up some confidence shooting. The trip was long from Fairbanks Alaska so when we landed I shot more. On the third day, at sunset, after my dad and his friend got their bucks the previous days, I decided the next doe that walks in front of me is going in the freezer. With low light and does coming in I came across another thought, what if there is a buck just behind the trees and I will scare it off if I shoot the doe that is at 25 yards in front of me. I wait and wait but still no buck, after having my heart beating a million miles a minutes, I draw back and let loose. My first kill with a bow, I was beyond excited with a new kind of rush, hunting with a bow is alot more exciting than rifle hunting. With my newfound adrenaline rush, I went to the blinds with a new set of eyes, I could not wait for my first buck and with a bow no less. After another couple more days passing up smaller bucks the outfitter took pity on me and said for my first buck I could take a smaller buck. I was ready. The last day we were going to be there and last day of the bow season, everybody was rooting for me. I was sitting in the blind when I heard steps behind me where there were no openings, then a snort and it was gone. Well there went the big one I thought in my head, he must have winded me and then it sunk in, I might not get a buck. Oh well it’s not everyday that you get paid trip to hunt your first bow hunt and first whitetail. Then I hear something walking from the other side and a buck pops out at 20 yards, with my heart racing and the pressure on I drew back, my hands were shaking and I was trying to calm down, at that moment I found my calm and let loose. I watched the arrow fly in slow motion as it hit on target, relief and joy and every feeling in between was going on. I heard the footsteps behind me and a voice say “did you see the deer that went behind you, it was the biggest I have ever seen”. I was still too happy about the one I got, he wasn’t the biggest but he was mine and my first with a bow. Now I plan on hunting primarily with a bow just for that excitment and thrill. Spring black bear and brown bear, grouse, fall moose and winter caribou with my newfound love my MQ32 Mathews bow.

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