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1st Robin Hood

October 3, 2011 by Elden Sorenson

Dear Sirs, Sept 6, 2011

First I just wanted to say Thank You to a company with a product that lives up to the advertising and is the best bow I have ever shot. I have been bow hunting since 1966 and been through all the advancements in equipment, my first Matthews was the “Ultra Light”, which you will soon see, I still have.
I had an archery shop in Gladwin Michigan, (Surshots), with my father who taught me everything. As a hunting family we begin teaching all the young family members at a young age the safety and fundamentals of hunting and shooting. My father’s generation has come and gone and it is now my sons and myself that are passing on the great sport.
This just happens to be a story of one of my nephews who like a lot of us, has fallen on hard times but finds a way to keep the passion flowing. We lost his father a couple of years ago to leukemia and with four children it made it tough on them to afford a new bow for a high school senior six foot seven 275lbs football player with a 32” draw who just grew out of his dads bow.
So in comes the old Ultra Light to the rescue. Even though it only has a 30” draw, This normally is the bow my youngest son uses but we decided as a family it was time for him to take over my Black Max, which he was very excited to do, after having shoulder surgery last fall and missing the entire hunting season , I’m not sure I could pull it anyway . After just a few adjustments for my nephew and none for my son, they were have a ball shooting together and tearin it up. As a father and uncle I get more joy out of watching these young men do what they and I love dearly, so after about 20 minutes into their shooting, well let’s just say a good product doesn’t have to be new to do the job, check out the photos.
P.S. I hope I get my bow back
Thank You Again

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