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1st Place
Location: Big Bear Lake California Bow Model: 3-D HunterAlbum: Tournament SuccessAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Tournament

1st Place

August 2, 2014 by Nicole Lewis

At the age of 11 I gained a sudden and random urge to try archery. I mean don’t get me wrong- I always had some kind of deep love for the sport. I remember when I was a little kid always going into the backyard and picking up sticks and putting rubber bands on them. They never worked well but I still made them all the time. Boy have times changed. My first bow was a 20 pound recurve that would shoot 20 yards if you were lucky. I shot that thing for 3 years non stop. I was never that amazing with the recurve so I never thought about going any where but shooting at hay bales in the backyard. Well after wearing that bow to the bone I sold it. I had been doing research for a new compound bow and I came across the Mission (by Mathews) Craze. It was love at first sight. So I went to my local Mathews dealer shot it. I got the bow the second I shot it. For the next 6 months I shot and shot and shot some more. When ever I went to the archery shop I got complements on my form. It took forever but I finally became consistent with my shots after six months. I decided to find a 3d shoot and try it out. It just so happened that the 3d shoot I entered was the biggest in Southern California. My Dad and I went there having no idea what we were doing but all the archers there were very helpful and I was signed in in no time. When I started out I had a very hard time judging yardage but I got the hang of it very quickly. I shot ok but for my first tournament I know I did very well. By the end of the first day I had a very substantial lead and was very happy with my scoring and by the end of the tournament I was in first place with a huge lead against the other competitors. I won first place at my first archery tournament and I couldn’t have done without my Craze. Thanks Mathews for a great bow! I’m Nicole Lewis and I shoot a Mathews.

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