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1st Deer with my SON
Location: Washginton StateBow Model: HēlimAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Blacktail

1st Deer with Mathews

September 1, 2013 by Scott Vousboukis

I purchased my first Mathews in April of this 2013. I have been practicing with the bow 5 times a week up to 40 yards. During practice, I have destroyed more arrows and achieved 4 Robin Hoods at 20 and 30 yards because the bow is so accurate. I am modest enough to say, that I am not aiming for my arrows I hit, only the same kill zone on my 3D target. usually, after my second arrow, I am hitting my arrows. On opening day of black tail season, I took my 12 year-old son with me bow hunting for the first time. I wanted to let my son experience bow hunting. We headed out to a farm which the land owner was nice enough to allow me to hunt on. We were there all day and after seeing fresh sign by some apple trees, we decided to make a quick ground blind. At 1500, two day came in about 25 yards, stayed for 15 minutes, and then walked in the opposite direction (common, right). I decided to get up and attempt to flank the deer on the other side of the field. well, this worked but only to push the deer back to where they came from. I quickly saw what was happening and my son and I made our way back to the apples and position ourselves by an old logging road where I though the deer were heading. Once to the road, my son and I walked five yards towards the apples, and bang, 6 deer jumps within 5 yards of us. My son, yelled and pointed at the closest deer that was 30 yards away, just looking at us. I figured it was attempting to figure out what we were as we had the wind to our faces and we covered our faces with hoods. I took out my leaser range finder only to discover that it was pining off of the black berry bush 10 years away, not the deer. I decided that I needed to act quickly so I drew my Mathews Helim back, took aim with my 30 yard pin (I guessed) and took aim at the deer through a little opening in the black berry bush. I shot and herd a loud, whack! The deer just stood there for a moment, and then walked quickly off. My son, looked at me yelled, “you got him” as he raised his hand to give me a high five. I told my son, I did not know if I hit the deer but I need to find my arrow. We went off to find my arrow, but this attempt was in vain. The arrow was so buried into the dirt and brush I was not going to find it. As I attempted to find my arrow, my son wanted to chase the deer. I attempted (to no avail) to slow my son down as in an attempt no to jump the deer I may have shoot. My son took 10 steps in the direction the deer went and yelled back, Dad, there is blood! I went to look at the blood and discovered that there was a lot of blood on the path the deer took. I still wanted to find my arrow so I brought my son back to where I shot the deer. As my son and I walked back to the shot sight, my son says, dad, I just heard a crush, I think the deer is dead. with my son’s pressure, I decided to check it out. I was hesitate as it was only five minutes from when I shoot the deer, but wanted to sooth my son’s excitement. I walked a total of 10 years from where I shot the deer and discovered that there was one dead black tail, doe laying on the ground. Upon examination, I discovered the arrow went just behind the front shoulder, just low of center. A perfect shot as the arrow tore through the lungs and I am sure the major arties. I am impressed with the power of the Helim that at 30 yards, the arrow tore through the deer as if it was paper and buried so far into the dirt, I had no chance of finding it. This is a VERY powerful bow! It was a pleasure to shoot and I look forward to shooting my Elk later in the year. Thanks Mathews for a great bow with lots of power and above all, accurate!

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