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16 year old Wyatt's first bear Image
Location: OntarioAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

16 year old Wyatt's first bear

September 22, 2010 by Jeff Westberg

16 year old Wyatt Westberg from Iowa got to take a week off from school to go on a Black Bear hunt in Ontario, Canada. Wyatt was joined on the hunt by his parents and a family friend. On the first day of the hunt Wyatt’s dad sat with him. Two bears (one very large bear) were seen but neither came in to the bait. On the second day his dad walked him in but then left him to hunt on his own. Wyatt saw four bears but chose to pass hoping for the large one to return. On the third day, Wyatt went in totally solo. He put out his own bait and climbed into his treestand. Soon a small bear came in but was nervous and didn’t stay long. After waiting out a sudden thunderstorm Wyatt had a very nice bear come in. After watching the bear for about 15 minutes, Wyatt was presented with the shot he wanted. The 18 yard shot was perfect. After waiting an hour Wyatt decided to climb down to take a look. He was confident that heard the bear crash but still wanted to be cautious. After going about 20 yards he found his arrow and could see a black “clump” about 10 yards ahead. Wyatt then returned to his tree and waited another 30 minutes before going back to look. The “clump” hadn’t moved. He walked to his bear, picked up the head, said to himself “GOOD BEAR!” and the decided to “get the heck out!” Wyatt’s first Black Bear turned out to be about 360 pounds. He made a perfect double lung shot. Wyatt was shooting his Mathews Z7 set at 56 pounds with a 28″ draw. Wyatt has taken several whitetails and two pronghorn antelope with his previous Mathews Bow which was a Mustang but his new Z7 has quickly become his favorite bow ever!

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