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10,500 ft Mule Deer Image
Location: Leadville, ColoradoAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Mule Deer

10,500 ft Mule Deer

September 22, 2004 by Phillip Gaines

After hunting a particular group of bucks since the opening of the season, and many missed opportunities, the bucks moved down into the timber after rubbing their velvet off. Being in the timber made it hard for us to locate them. In the last week of season, and the day before my final day of hunting, one of the guys I hunt with located the bucks in a wooded bowl. With three of us with deer tags, we planned to split up and slowly still hunt into the bowl the next morning. After about an hour of stalking I caught movement from a deer, it was a small buck. After the buck walked past me @ 40 yards, I noticed a big bushy tail, WHAT a whitetail at 10,500 ft???!! I guess that it isn’t the craziest thing that I have seen, I killed an antelope doe two years ago at 10,258 ft in a high sage brush park. Well not far behind the whitetail came one of the nice sized bucks in the group we have been hunting all year, and right behind him is one of the bigger bucks. As they pass by on the same trail of the whitetail at 40 yards I gave a grunt to stop the larger buck, and the rest is nothing more than a 50 yard blood trail. Thanks Mathew’s for making a great bow. Official P&Y gross score of 166 2/8 shooting an Icon.

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