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My First Walk n Stalk Alone

It was about 730 in the morning , my husband had already gone up to his tree stand blind and I was able to sleep in because I was going on my own out behind our camp on a walk in stalk deer hunt. I grabbed my gear with my Matthews Bow in hand. I… Continue Reading →

First kill with Mathews Jewel

First Bear with Mathews Jewel

3 of my girlfriends and me wanted to go away on a hunt together. Always hunting together back home, we decided to book a trip for the reopening of the Spring Black Bear hunt. On night 3 of our trip I had this bear come into the bait, and at just 15 yards I made… Continue Reading →

Michigan 2014 Spring Turkey

Michigan 2014 Spring Turkey

My second Michigan Spring Turkey Season was a success! As soon as we sat down, my boyfriend, Jamie and I, heard a gobble, we waited and continued to call. A few minutes went by and I looked over my shoulder and saw a nice tom strutting about 40 yards away from me through thick trees… Continue Reading →

First kill with my Mathews Creed

First kill with my Mathews Creed

Spotted this javelina with a group of about 15, early one morning. I stalked in and was within 40 yards of the herd. While I was ranging the herd, I heard a noise to my left. I took a quick peep and noticed a javelina in a burrow under a mesquite tree not 10 yards… Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain Turkey

Rocky Mountain Turkey

Called this turkey in on a cold 28 degree morning in the mountains of Colorado. Came straight in the the Avain X Feeding Hen decoy. Taken with my Mathews Z7 with a RamCat 100gr Broadhead at 30 yards. Never even ran. Great Hunt thanks to the quality and dependability of Mathews Bows

Me & my Z7

My Z7

I started out bowhunting with a Browning Micro Midas 3 bow and killed my first buck with it when I was 10 years old. After that I killed several more whitetail and turkeys with it, but something was missing… Then for Christmas 2009 my dad got me a Mathews Z7! Then I figured out what… Continue Reading →

First Time To Colorado

I set out on my first trip to Colorado with my father, uncle, and cousin, this was their 10th trip out. I was beyond excited because I’m a die hard outdoorsman. We went and stayed with my cousin in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the night where we had a delicious elk tenderloin and mashed potatoes…. Continue Reading →

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“Xtreme” Repelling Retrieval of Billy Goat, Shot with Mathews Z7 Xtreme

My name is Cole Kramer and 10 months out of the year I spend my life guiding & hunting in Alaska. My 5th Mountain Goat hunt would take place on Kodiak Island in Alaska. I was able to make a 45 yard shot with my Mathews Z7 Xtreme, expiring the Billy Goat quickly. Unfortunately though, the billy… Continue Reading →


Won my first BIG State Title!!

I’m Taylor and I’m 12 yrs old. In Feb of 2014 I won my first BIG State Title after shooting archery for about a year and a half. I shot the State 4-H Indoor event last year and finished 75th out of 150. Summer of last year my Dad bought me a new Mathews Conquest… Continue Reading →

My Second Kill with the Creed XS

My Second Kill with the Creed XS

I recently upgraded from my Hyperlite to the Creed XS. After shooting it, I knew it was time. I took it for stalk down on public land in East Texas. We had just had a bad Ice Storm and there was still ice crunching beneath my feet as I tracked along. After 45 min I… Continue Reading →