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2014 Chill Bull

2014 Chill SDX Bull

I love my Chill SDX!

Brotherly love with my Helim

Brotherly Love with My Helim

A fine muley from a stand we call Brotherly Love! Nothing better than a little action on an AM hunt! Great hunt with some great people!

Red Cherry SnoCone

Red Cherry SnoCone

After a great opening day Saturday with lots of action, I woke up early Sunday knowing the possibility of a Big Buck coming into bow range was high. Just after light, I looked directly behind me and there he was dead down wind of me. Due to my awesome gear and scent products he didn’t… Continue Reading →

A gem with my Jewel!

A Gem with my Jewel!

First animal harvested with my Mathews Jewel. 370 lb black bear with green score of 20.5″ measured by a fellow hunter in camp. I love my Jewel. I shoot it for both league and hunting and couldn’t ask for a more versatile product. Thank you Mathews for producing a quality product for ALL hunters!

170 3/8"

170 3/8″

I shot this 170 3/8″ Whitetail on November 5, 2004. It was my first kill on video and was featured on Kisky’s “Whitetail Extreme 5″ DVD.

172" gross booner

172″ Gross Booner

I killed this 172″ gross 10 pointer with my Mathews DXT bow in southern Illinois on Nov 10th, 2011. It was a perfectly cool, crisp day while sitting on the corner of a thicket and hardwoods with the wind perfect in my face. After a couple hours in the stand I looked over to my… Continue Reading →


Graduation Trip Bear

For my high school graduation, my dad booked a trip for us to go up to BC. We each got two bears and all of them squared out at over 6 feet, with each of us getting one that squared over 7 feet. This was the last bear to get harvested since I wanted to… Continue Reading →


My Dream Kudu (The Ghost in the Bush)

We left for the Eastern Cape for our yearly hunt 07.29.2014. We had good successes throughout the week and shot some monsters. On Saturday it was our last day of our hunt and me and Eben decided that we would be hunting Impala for the day. He ask for a area that would definitely have… Continue Reading →

Only the Beginning

Only the Beginning

On my 13th birthday, I received my dream bow- the Mathews Conquest Prestige. I had only been shooting 3 months before hand with a bow from their Monster line, but after winning several tournaments relatives of mine decided it was time to take a step up. That same year, I won the Virginia ASA state… Continue Reading →

Full Rut

Full Rut

He came out of creek bottom chasing 3 does. Full Rut in progress. I shot him at 40 yards broadside with the Creed. He only went about 50 yards back into creek and dropped.