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NJ Permit Bow 8 point

NJ Permit Bow 8 point

After a tough start to the season and with only one day left in my vacation. This guy came in to chase off 2 smaller bucks that were with a hot doe. When he presented me with a slight quartering 12yd shot my Mathews Chill with a lost camo full metal jacket tipped with a… Continue Reading →

The Chill in Kansas 2013

It all started with buying my new Mathews Chill. Shot the bow and loved it. Smooth and fast are hard to beat. After a lot of practice I was getting tired of shoot a bag instead of a deer! So, when November rolled around it was time to head to the lease in Kansas. My… Continue Reading →

First deer with a bow… And now I’m Hooked

After wisely choosing the Mathews Creed over the Bowtech Carbon Knight on Halloween day, I was ready to become a bow hunter. November 6th 2013 was a cold rainy day with a 20mph N wind. At 5pm I was contemplating calling it a day and warming up. All of a sudden a deer resembling a… Continue Reading →

Hard work pays off!

Hard Work Pays Off!

I have been trying for 4 years to get an Elk with my bow. After numerous hunts I finally got one. I stalked this 430 inch monster all morning and after everything came together the most beautiful thing happened…. I shot a 430 inch Bull Elk with my bow!!!!

Illinois Giant

Illinois Giant

I shot this buck in Fulton Co. Illinois while hunting with Timberland Outfitters. I had passed 3 bucks already that were chasing a doe. One in which was a high 130′s 3.5 year old 10 point. I’m glad I did because not 2 mins behind him came this buck trailing the same doe. He was… Continue Reading →

First Deer with My New Z9....

First Deer with My New Z9….

Thursday afternoon November 14, 2013 It got to the stand late this day around 4:00pm. This was the second buck I’d seen that night and I had only been in the stand 30 minutes. The first was a 6pt that just “appeared” under my stand 30 seconds after I got up. In the panoramic picture… Continue Reading →

Mathews Creed

Mathews Creed

It was the 28th of October, the rut was just kicking in. I watched this buck fight a smaller buck at eighty yards, I bleated to him three times. he come right toward my stand stepped from behind a tree at twenty yards, he didn’t run forty yard until he fell over and laid died,… Continue Reading →



In 2012 I was issued my first draw tag for Dall sheep since moving to Alaska 9 years prior. It was a late season archery tag for the Chugach mountains near Anchorage. Three months after winning the tag, I was sent to Afghanistan for a time frame that included my hunt. Upon returning stateside I… Continue Reading →

What a Veteran's Day

What a Veteran’s Day

My very first trail camera picture on this new property I began hunting this year was a beautiful 10 point. Still in velvet, I was anxious to see what he would be later in the season and if I would ever see him again. It wasn’t until November 7th that I got more pictures of… Continue Reading →


A meeting with Larry Bird

I had the next 14 days off of work starting the afternoon of November 1,2013. I live in Arkansas and was working just outside of Lincoln Nebraska for the last couple days. I finished up work and headed south to Northern Kansas. I wanted to make it to the lease by 2 pm so I… Continue Reading →