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Late Season Success! Image

Late Season Success!

After one of the longest, most frustrating seasons I’ve ever had, I took this 9 point with less than a week left of season. Made a 52 yard heart shot with my Mathews Z7. No bucktag soup for me. Thank you Mathews!

big bucks down Image

big bucks down

I have hunted with a Mathews Switchback for seven yrs now love it. I killed my biggest buck this year. Score was 175.1/2 8 pointer. I seen the same deer in 2010 just could not get a shot at him just like for you to see what your bow had dunn for me so thank… Continue Reading →

Paul's Buck October 2011 001

Thank you Mathews for years of dependability

I’ve been shooting a Switchback XT for several years and love it. I took this buck in Franklin County,Va on October 21, 2011. I’ve been strictly managing a piece of property for several years and preaching, let them go and let them grow, in my area. Now people are seeing my results and seeing the… Continue Reading →

Don't give up! Image

Don’t give up!

It was a glumly November afternoon in Iowa when I climbed into a latter tree-stand, a perfect day to catch a buck on the move. The rut was in full swing and I had been seeing little bucks running doe’s all week. My stand was in perfect location on the edge of a water way… Continue Reading →

First deer taken with my Mathews Q2 Image

First deer taken with my Mathews Q2

I bought my Mathews Q2 last December. I always wanted to bow hunt, I have been deer hunting since I was a kid with my grandpa Terry, but only with a shotgun. I couldn’t wait to start bowhunting, I absolutely love hunting, and this is another opportunity to get out there and hunt. I hadn’t… Continue Reading →

jan kostka buck 2011

Retired Art Teacher – Artist

I bought myself a Mathews Passion (black & teal) last year to shoot Indoor & Outdoor target. I liked it so much, that my Husband bought me another one in camo. I hunted with the Passion this year & shot my biggest buck to date. Thank you Mathews for making such a great shooting bow.


Beginning our Journey with Mathews!

Early on in my Husband and I’s relationship we shared our love of shooting bows. He was the one who first taught me how to shoot. So we decided to tie our love for bow hunting into the unity portion of our wedding ceremony. We both shot an arrow into the adjacent pond with our… Continue Reading →


Xtreme shot for the Z7 Xtreme

I purchased a Z7 Xtreme late in the Missouri archery season and figured I would have the bow setup and shooting to my likings by next season. 20 minutes into the first night with the Z7 Xtreme and tuning my sight I robin-hooded an arrow and was soon shooting groups better at 60 yards than… Continue Reading →

Big 194

Big 194

Friday November 4th, 2011, the first day of nine days of bow hunting in west central Illinois proved very fruitful. My morning hunt was a good one, with several small bucks chasing does and a big eight point that I rattled in only to have him hang up at fifty yards. After a quick lunch… Continue Reading →


Mathews Massachusetts Madness

Dear Mathews, I’ve been waiting to send you a picture of a Buck worth sending.  I own a Switchback XT and from the day I got it, I fell in love with it.  It has been the best bow I’ve ever owned.  It’s so quiet; I’ve been able to take another shot on deer if… Continue Reading →