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Mathews Massachusetts Madness

Dear Mathews, I’ve been waiting to send you a picture of a Buck worth sending.  I own a Switchback XT and from the day I got it, I fell in love with it.  It has been the best bow I’ve ever owned.  It’s so quiet; I’ve been able to take another shot on deer if… Continue Reading →

ross larimore 2011 buck

Dream Season

Dear Mathews, My name is Ross Larimore and I am from Carroll County, Indiana and have been shooting my Mathews Reezen 6.5 daily for the past few years. I have never shot a better bow in my life. The technology that you incorporate in your bows is truly remarkable and always improving. Your slogan “catch… Continue Reading →

Lucky 25 Image

Lucky 25

After applying unsuccessfully in Utah for 24 years I finally drew the tag of a lifetime on the 25th try! On September 3rd 2010, after 14 straight days glassing, stalking and working bugling bulls I finally took a rest day to sit a wallow. I had been teased by 5 different bulls, bugling all around… Continue Reading →