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Wild boar Image

Wild Boar

Its the week of my birthday, I will be turning 50 on Dec, 1. 2008 so I took a trip to S.C. to wild boar hunt, Just being in the forest and taking in the outdoors, It does not get any better then this. The morning of Dec, 1. 2008 I took my first wild… Continue Reading →


A Buck For Eddie

Very recently, my Cousin,  Eddie Nunemaker was diagnosed with terminal cancer and while he has vowed to fight, we all know that his days are numbered and this breaks my heart. You see, although Eddie is my cousin, the group of us that own a very nice cabin in Emporium PA are actually more like… Continue Reading →

Austin Chandler

Retired the Switchback XT!

In the summer of 2006 I purchased my first Mathews…a Switchback XT. From the fall of 2006 until the fall of 2011 I harvested numerous whitetails and several elk….five of these whitetail bucks gross over 150 inches! In the fall of 2011 I harvested my best buck ever…. a double drop tine! I love the… Continue Reading →

2012 Iowa Turkey Image

2012 Iowa Turkey

My brother and I went out the morning of April 29th, 2012. We set up the blind and started calling. Later that morning this big ole gobbler started walking towards our decoys that were set up 17 yards away from us.  I waited for the right moment to draw back my new Mathews Z7 Xtreme Tactical… Continue Reading →

Triple Beard Image

Triple Beard

Dell Geldmeyer shot this 25.6 pounder with three beards measuring 10 inches, 6 inches, ans 4 inches with his Mathews Swithchback Xt bow in WI.

April Bow Bird Image

April Bow Bird

Knowing the terrain and “sneak” spots on your land is crucial. I spotted a ton of strutting birds and hens in an area that I normally don’t see them, but knowing the property told me I could sneak in the back door on these birds and still set up a blind and place decoys. A… Continue Reading →

Z7 xtreme GA eastern turkey Image

Z7 Xtreme GA Eastern Turkey

I arrived at the lease at 6:45 that morning with my z7, double bull dark horse, my b moble decoy, and all my calls. Right at daylight I heard 5 gobblers gobbling on the roost. Around 7:00 they flew down. At about 8:00 they came across the creek bottom drumming and gobbling. They stop at 35… Continue Reading →

My Trophy Gator Image

My Trophy Gator

I’ve been shooting Mathews bows for a decade or more. I am currently shooting a Heli-m. I recently hunted for something I’ve never hunted before. I had a chance to go on a Alligator hunt in Florida. With the help of a great guide I was able to sneak up on a monster 11′ Gator…. Continue Reading →

Solo Pronghorn Image

Solo Pronghorn

Immediately after getting my first bow (Z7 Xtreme) for Christmas from my wife, I started to plan all my bow hunting adventures! This is not only my first pronghorn, but my first bow kill! I choose to go solo on public land in Wyoming. It was taken on the sixth day, the last day of… Continue Reading →

Daughter's 1st Turkey Bow Kill Image

Daughter’s 1st Turkey Bow Kill

Opening morning of the 2012 Wisconsin youth hunt for turkeys was a cold, calm, full moon morning, PERFECT for spring turkeys. My daughter (Hailey 14years old) and I got to the blind around 5:15am. I set out the hen decoy while she settled into her chair in the blind.We both got settled in and waited… Continue Reading →