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Luv my new Hēlim Image

Luv my new Hēlim

I wasted no time breaking in my new Mathews Heli-M my wife bought me for Christmas, on January 12th with a cold front approaching I knew my opportunity to catch this buck on his feet during daylight would be no better, pulling my sd card on my trail camera showed this buck had been in… Continue Reading →

Double Robin Hood, three arrows!! Image

Double Robin Hood, three arrows!!

On 2-16-12, I was shooting hunting league at a local archery club near Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. On one particular 15 yard target, my partner had shot his 3 arrows before me. Since he is such a good shot, I aimed at his knock on what I thought was his best arrow. I shot a “Robing… Continue Reading →

New Helium Rocks! Image

New Hēlim Rocks!

Just bought the new Helium one week ago. i cant say enough about it.Went on my first hunt with it today and bagged my first archery javelina.thank you Mathews for such an awesome bow.cant tell you how much i love the Helium!



I just got the new MATHEWS Hēlim 02/01/12 and took it on a recent fallow doe hunt at STONEBRIDGE HUNTING RANCH in stoystown PA. I wasn’t a big fan of long range shots with my old bow. i liked to take shots 20 yards or less. After i jumped ship to Mathews and started shooting… Continue Reading →

Toughest Hunt in Lower 48 Image

Toughest Hunt in Lower 48

To hunt a free range Persian Ibex in Southern New Mexico is one thing, to get to the Ibex in the dangerous Florida Mountains is another, to harvest a nice billy with a Mathews is not likely, but to do all of it with your family is what hunting is all about.

Late Season Success! Image

Late Season Success!

After one of the longest, most frustrating seasons I’ve ever had, I took this 9 point with less than a week left of season. Made a 52 yard heart shot with my Mathews Z7. No bucktag soup for me. Thank you Mathews!

big bucks down Image

big bucks down

I have hunted with a Mathews Switchback for seven yrs now love it. I killed my biggest buck this year. Score was 175.1/2 8 pointer. I seen the same deer in 2010 just could not get a shot at him just like for you to see what your bow had dunn for me so thank… Continue Reading →

Paul's Buck October 2011 001

Thank you Mathews for years of dependability

I’ve been shooting a Switchback XT for several years and love it. I took this buck in Franklin County,Va on October 21, 2011. I’ve been strictly managing a piece of property for several years and preaching, let them go and let them grow, in my area. Now people are seeing my results and seeing the… Continue Reading →

Don't give up! Image

Don’t give up!

It was a glumly November afternoon in Iowa when I climbed into a latter tree-stand, a perfect day to catch a buck on the move. The rut was in full swing and I had been seeing little bucks running doe’s all week. My stand was in perfect location on the edge of a water way… Continue Reading →

First deer taken with my Mathews Q2 Image

First deer taken with my Mathews Q2

I bought my Mathews Q2 last December. I always wanted to bow hunt, I have been deer hunting since I was a kid with my grandpa Terry, but only with a shotgun. I couldn’t wait to start bowhunting, I absolutely love hunting, and this is another opportunity to get out there and hunt. I hadn’t… Continue Reading →