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First Elk Image

First Elk

Last Day of the Hunt! 55 yard shot with my Mathews Hyperlite! Can’t wait to see those mountains again this year!

The Ultimate Dream Image

The Ultimate Dream

They say a daughter will never outgrow her father’s heart. After the experience I had with my dad at Winterhawk Outfitters, I know it won’t happen anytime soon. It all started when I was a little girl and my oldest brother, Duane started deer hunting. He and Dad headed out to the woods every chance… Continue Reading →

first big game bow kill Image

First Big Game Bow Kill

 My dad and I stalled two birds for an hour and I decide to “bird dog” them and try and push them in front of my dad. My first possible shot was at 30 yards, but I decided to see how close I could get to him, shot him at 20 yards and he went… Continue Reading →

Mathews Prom Image

Mathews Prom

Whats a prom without a Mathews!

BBD Image


 It was getting close to dark when I saw this buck working his way to me. I watched him work a scrape for what seemed like forever. Finally he gave me the shot I needed. I let my Carbon Express tipped with a Rage 2 blade fly out of my Mathews z7…and the rest is… Continue Reading →

1st turkey w/bow Image

1st Turkey With A Bow

  It was the first morning of the third week of season. My cameraman Dallas and I were in a blind on the edge of a field. The field is about 80 yards wide and the birds were roosting across from us in a small hollow. Well daybreak came and we could see some birds in… Continue Reading →

Never too early for a Mathews! Image

Never too early for a Mathews!

My daughter Lydia in her 1 week pictures with my Z7

1st Turkey With a Bow Image

1st Turkey With a Bow

I had this tom on many of my trail cameras here on my hunting property in NY for weeks. When turkey season started here..I saw him several times during my 4 straight days (6 hours/ea day). When he came into shooting range, I either couldn’t get a shot or scared him off on my draw… Continue Reading →

Gobblers Gettn' in Iowa Image

Gobbler Gettn’ in Iowa

We are chasing gobblers with a bow in one hand and a camera across two states (NE and IA) this year. The Z7 has struck gold 3 times and this latest bird made its video debut.

1st kill with my Heli-M Image

1st kill with my Heli-M

Had this bird come into the field I was hunting with a hen, and she was very vocal so I just imitated her and the gobbler saw my decoys and came in on a string. After a 25 yd shot, and 100 yds of tracking I was able to recover the bird, and share the… Continue Reading →