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Daughter's 1st Turkey Bow Kill Image

Daughter’s 1st Turkey Bow Kill

Opening morning of the 2012 Wisconsin youth hunt for turkeys was a cold, calm, full moon morning, PERFECT for spring turkeys. My daughter (Hailey 14years old) and I got to the blind around 5:15am. I set out the hen decoy while she settled into her chair in the blind.We both got settled in and waited… Continue Reading →

Spring Turkey Hunt 2012 Image

Spring Turkey Hunt 2012

This is my third year hunting at Circle B ranch. It is set up for gun hunting, but I was determined and this year on my first hunt with my new Jewel, I also successfully brought down my first Tom. That afternoon, I buried the front, top and sides of my blind in wild yellow… Continue Reading →

Northern CA Hog Image

Northern CA Hog

Was invited on a buddies family ranch in Northern CA. Got up early the first morning, and spent most of it hiking, and glassing the very steep ridges. Came to a open fern grove, and spotted this hog feeding on the other side. Ranged it at 40 yards, with no more cover between us. My… Continue Reading →

I love my bow. Image

I Love My Bow.

It was 7 degrees below zero, there was 4′ of snow on the ground. On the 8th day of hunting I had watched this moose for 3 hours waiting to see if he would cross into a legal hunting area. Patience and persistance finally paid off. Shot him @ 25 yards, He only ran 25… Continue Reading →

My First Muley Image

My First Muley

I am 15 years old and from Vancouver, WA. I would just like to say your bow helped me get the deer of a lifetime as my first bow kill. I shot a 5×5 mule deer in eastern Washington. I am waiting 60 days for official scoring but it looks like it will score 60″… Continue Reading →

1st whitetail bow hunt Image

1st Whitetail Bow Hunt

I will start off honestly and say that I never really thought much about bow hunting. Being from Alaska and growing up here it is just easier with a rifle. So when my dad said that I was going down to Oklahoma to hunt deer and I couldn’t use my rifle, I was somewhat upset. My… Continue Reading →

last chance Image

Last Chance

Being an avid bow hunter since the age of sixteen, it all came to a stand still in 2008 when our small town was hit by a devastating EF5 tornado. Working on the house trying to get things put back together consumed most of my free time. In 2011 I decided to get back after… Continue Reading →

Tundra Time Image

Tundra Time

Recently relocated to Anchorage Alaska, I was eager to put my new Z7 to use. With my half ton pickup loaded to the gills with gear, my brother from North Carolina, I set out on the 800 mile drive to the North Slope of Alaska to try my luck for the first time in the… Continue Reading →

Monster Muley in Velvet Image

Monster Muley in Velvet

My first archery hunt for mule deer in Colorado. I had spotted this monster mule deer several times, but could never get close enough to seal the deal. I spotted him pushing a doe over a couple of small ridges. I circled around and came up the last ridge where I thought he might be…. Continue Reading →

Luv my new Hēlim Image

Luv my new Hēlim

I wasted no time breaking in my new Mathews Heli-M my wife bought me for Christmas, on January 12th with a cold front approaching I knew my opportunity to catch this buck on his feet during daylight would be no better, pulling my sd card on my trail camera showed this buck had been in… Continue Reading →