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TN 10pt Z7Xtreme Image

TN 10 Point, Shot with the Z7 Xtreme

After having trail cameras out throughout the summer and only getting a dozen pictures of a couple of real nice shooter bucks on the property, I wasn’t exactly sure where to even start hunting the 2012/2013 TN bow season. My cousin and I had hung a couple of hang on stands in the edge of… Continue Reading →

First Mule Deer Image

First Mule Deer

After an unsuccessful bear hunting season in Wyoming, I decided to turn my focus to mule deer. My Drenalin has been with me through thick and thin, mostly the latter lately, and I felt this was my year. On September 7, I was rushing to get home after work so I could pick my friend… Continue Reading →

The Reilly Buck Image

The Reilly Buck

On the morning of November 12, 2011, I looked down over my left shoulder and saw this giant buck comming down the trail! I had just enough time to reach up and grab my Mathews Drenalin bow just as the big buck stepped out from behind a large oak tree! With no time to stand… Continue Reading →

Best Archery Buck to Date Image

Best Archery Buck to Date

It was just before the close of legal shooting time. I was perched 25 feet up in a massive oak on an old logging road. The old road sits between an abandoned farmstead with a small bean field and a brushy bedding area. I had been watching several does and fawns grazing their way across… Continue Reading →


Trophy Season

Mathews truly is the best compound bow on the market. I had the most incredible season in 2011 beginning on opening day of the Wild Bison hunt near Jackson, Wyoming. I drew a coveted Type 1 bison bull or cow priority # 53 in the spring of 2011. Up to this time I have hunted… Continue Reading →


My Hēlim Moment

I GOT THE NEW HēLIM BACK IN APRIL AND STARTED SHOOTING IT RIGHT AWAY. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW LIGHT AND FAST IT WAS. The more I shot it, the closer my groups were getting. Finally today, while shooting my first set of arrows, I heard a load noise and when I went to check my… Continue Reading →

Berven is Back! Image

Berven is Back!

  Two weeks before we went hunting we set up the bear baits hoping to draw in a good number of bears and get them used to the bait sites. The week we headed up for hunting, we sadly realized that our one baits we call Berven Bait hadn’t been touched by bears let alone… Continue Reading →

Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint's Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot Image

Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint’s Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot

  Bianca Salinas of Fusion Outdoors won the women’s open division in northern Arizona at the popular 2012 edition of Clint’s Well’s Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot presented by Arizona’s Desert Bowhunters. Bianca in her first ever 3D tournament was shooting a new Matthews Passion in hot electric pink. She is a mother, fitness model and… Continue Reading →

My Camo Prom Image

My Camo Prom

I am a hard-core bowhunter, and definately expressed myself at prom! My night wasn’t complete until I got a picture with my Mathews, though!

Ohio hunt Image

Ohio Hunt

I shot this buck of a life time with my Mathews z7 in Ohio I”ve been shooting Mathews bows for years and in my opinion thats the only bow that I will own.