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My  blessed first Matthews moment. Image

My 1st Mathews Moment

My first Mathews moment was certainly a blessing. After getting my first Mathews (Helim) ever in August, I began to prepare for an elk hunt in the Kootenai National Forest in September. I hunted elk last year for 6 days- never seeing or hearing an elk. This year on the first afternoon hunting a wallow… Continue Reading →

The Grapevine 10 Image

The Grapevine 10

Last year while bow hunting I had a very wide 10 pointer that I had several trail camera pictures of heading my way. I was situated in a Walnut tree looking over a thick and nasty bedding area. As the 10 pointer got closer his wide rack became entangled in grapevines. The deer panicked and… Continue Reading →

The Laundry Buck Image

The Laundry Buck

The Laundry Buck We had been hunting our leased land in Trempealeau County pretty hard over the past week and decided to go home to Wisconsin Rapids for a day to do some much needed laundry and then hunt around home in the afternoon. I was reluctant as I had seen some good bucks in… Continue Reading →

Desert Buck Image

Desert Buck

After several days of hunting I had seen nothing but a lonely doe. With the weather making it impossible to hunt my previously scouted areas I headed out to a dove tank near town to clear my mind and think about where to hunt next. After sitting for several hours and seeing no doves I… Continue Reading →

Split Tine Buck Image

Split Tine Buck

When my alarm went off at 5:05am I contemplated staying in my warm bed and sleeping in. The weather had been warm and moon had been full only a week before so it was still fairly bright in the night. Consequently, the deer were not moving much in the mornings. I decided that since the… Continue Reading →

Ohio Public Land Sleeping Beauty Image

Ohio Public Land Sleeping Beauty

My father and I have traveled from mid-PA to southeast Ohio for the last three years. We only hunt on public property. No guides, no bait, just us and some topo maps. On the morning of Nov. 4th, 2012 I set up shop near a water hole. After a series of grunts and rattles, I… Continue Reading →

2012 Iowa Whitetail Image

2012 Iowa Whitetail

After 4 years of patiently waiting, I was able to again draw 1 of Iowa’s highly prized non-resident archery tags. My good friend Rodger and I finally arrived on November 2nd after the long 19 hour drive from our PA home. The pay-off couldn’t be more sweet though when I was able to harvest my… Continue Reading →

TN 10pt Z7Xtreme Image

TN 10 Point, Shot with the Z7 Xtreme

After having trail cameras out throughout the summer and only getting a dozen pictures of a couple of real nice shooter bucks on the property, I wasn’t exactly sure where to even start hunting the 2012/2013 TN bow season. My cousin and I had hung a couple of hang on stands in the edge of… Continue Reading →

First Mule Deer Image

First Mule Deer

After an unsuccessful bear hunting season in Wyoming, I decided to turn my focus to mule deer. My Drenalin has been with me through thick and thin, mostly the latter lately, and I felt this was my year. On September 7, I was rushing to get home after work so I could pick my friend… Continue Reading →

The Reilly Buck Image

The Reilly Buck

On the morning of November 12, 2011, I looked down over my left shoulder and saw this giant buck comming down the trail! I had just enough time to reach up and grab my Mathews Drenalin bow just as the big buck stepped out from behind a large oak tree! With no time to stand… Continue Reading →