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A Hunt of First's... Image

A Hunt of First’s…

Trophies come in all shapes and sizes and that was true for me on this 2012 Archery Mule Deer hunt in Utah. It was archery opener weekend and I had the blessing of harvesting this typical 4×4 in full velvet the second morning of the hunt. I say it was, “A Hunt of First’s” because… Continue Reading →

Iowa Opening Day Double Image

Iowa Opening Day Double

Husband & wife team, Jan & Gary Kostka of Mason City, Iowa doubled up out of their Double Bull Blind on Iowa’s opening morning 4/16/12. Set up on the edge of a picked corn field with their DSD Decoys, Jan shot her 23 lb. Tom @ 7 yds. at 6:28 A.M. & Gary followed up… Continue Reading →

Week Old Bow Image

Week Old Bow- I love my Matthews Creed!

Unwrapped a wonderful Christmas present, a brand new Creed. Sighted it in and 2 days later I was heading to Illinois for my last chance of the year to bag a trophy. Late December brought heavy snow and high winds to Backwoods Outfitters. We hunted the mornings but really focused efforts on the evenings. On… Continue Reading →


Jersey Jewel Split G2

January 2012 we acquired a new piece of property to hunt. The piece was over populated with does and young small bucks, but nothing too big. In the final weeks of hunting winter bow season I had seen a monster buck that would come in at last light but would not come in close enough… Continue Reading →


Xtreme Hunting Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii. First time hunting Mouflon Sheep and was able to arrow this Ram at 79 yards on the second morning of my hunt. Mahalo to Mathews for their superior products!

8 point monster buck Image

8 Point Monster Buck

I shot this monster buck scoring 178 1/2″ last year with my Mathews Switchback.  He is so big and truly a deer of a lifetime. Thank you Mathews! Kim Hamrick


Mathews is my #1 Choice

Mathews has an absolutely tremendous staff to work with and outstanding products; from their flawless shooting bows to the camo pattern on their clothing they are my number one choice!


My Prized Jewel

I grew up hunting with a rifle and a shotgun, but 6 years ago when I met my husband he was an avid bowhunter. I wrote bow hunting off as something I wouldn’t be interested in, and he bow hunted all while we were dating. The year we got married, curiosity took hold, and I… Continue Reading →

First Bow Kill Image

First Bow Harvest

It was the last day of my second trip to my Grandpa’s farm in Illinois. I was first there in Mid-October for ten days and while there I missed a nice buck. Then, I had to head back to Montana to guide for Mule Deer, when I was finished with that in late November I… Continue Reading →

Light as a feather Image

Light as a feather

I love my bow and how light it is…