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Berven is Back! Image

Berven is Back!

  Two weeks before we went hunting we set up the bear baits hoping to draw in a good number of bears and get them used to the bait sites. The week we headed up for hunting, we sadly realized that our one baits we call Berven Bait hadn’t been touched by bears let alone… Continue Reading →

Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint's Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot Image

Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint’s Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot

  Bianca Salinas of Fusion Outdoors won the women’s open division in northern Arizona at the popular 2012 edition of Clint’s Well’s Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot presented by Arizona’s Desert Bowhunters. Bianca in her first ever 3D tournament was shooting a new Matthews Passion in hot electric pink. She is a mother, fitness model and… Continue Reading →

My Camo Prom Image

My Camo Prom

I am a hard-core bowhunter, and definately expressed myself at prom! My night wasn’t complete until I got a picture with my Mathews, though!

Ohio hunt Image

Ohio Hunt

I shot this buck of a life time with my Mathews z7 in Ohio I”ve been shooting Mathews bows for years and in my opinion thats the only bow that I will own.

I'll Take Chocolate and Strawberry Thanks! Image

I’ll Take Chocolate and Strawberry Thanks!

Tagged out my first night by arrowing not 1, but 2 color phase black bears. My very first animal to harvest with my new HeliM came in at 7:30pm and within seconds I was on the board with a strawberry blonde phase black bear. One hour later I arrowed my second boar as he walked… Continue Reading →

First Blue Wildebeest  Image

First Blue Wildebeest

 After not having hunted for a while due to work and health commitments, I was invited to a hunt with our local Archery club. Jumping at the chance I decided that I wanted to shoot either a Blue Wildebeest or a Kudu cow. Shooting primarily for meat I am not too interested in trophy animals…. Continue Reading →

First Elk Image

First Elk

Last Day of the Hunt! 55 yard shot with my Mathews Hyperlite! Can’t wait to see those mountains again this year!

The Ultimate Dream Image

The Ultimate Dream

They say a daughter will never outgrow her father’s heart. After the experience I had with my dad at Winterhawk Outfitters, I know it won’t happen anytime soon. It all started when I was a little girl and my oldest brother, Duane started deer hunting. He and Dad headed out to the woods every chance… Continue Reading →

first big game bow kill Image

First Big Game Bow Kill

 My dad and I stalled two birds for an hour and I decide to “bird dog” them and try and push them in front of my dad. My first possible shot was at 30 yards, but I decided to see how close I could get to him, shot him at 20 yards and he went… Continue Reading →

Mathews Prom Image

Mathews Prom

Whats a prom without a Mathews!