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Canadian Moose Image

Canadian Moose

My partner and I were set up in a ground blind overlooking a natural mineral lick. We had been there about an hour calling elk with no success. We were talking about where to try next when we heard a bull moose grunting a long way away. I took my friends elk bugle and pulled… Continue Reading →

One Squeaky Stand Image

One Squeaky Stand

It was one of those perfect mornings and I was just happy to be out in the woods but after about two hours of not seeing any deer I decided I needed to shake things up, or rattle as it turned out. Right about 7:45 I ran through a grunt sequence and a snort wheeze… Continue Reading →

Marsh Monarch Image

Marsh Monarch

Chased this guy around the farm for weeks and finally caught up with him on a bluebird afternoon in November. It was a hunters dream…saw him chase off 6 other bucks, snort wheeze, grunt, and tend a doe – a magical day in the tree for sure!

My second shoot with the apex8 Image

My second shoot with the apex8

I picked up an Apex 8 over the summer and finally got it set up to shoot. My first time out I finished second in my class. The next week I finished first in my class. I am so impressed on how well I can shoot with this bow!! I always love to go archery… Continue Reading →

2012 Archery buck Image

2012 Archery buck

I shot this buck with my Z7 Magnum at 22 yards after calling him back to me twice with the bleet can. He is the first buck I’ve shot in 4 years and my biggest to date!

1st safari Image

1st Safari

I recently went to South Africa hunting with my Mathews.  It was one trip I will never forget!  I had no idea what would happen. My 1st day was different because my wife and mother-in-law joined me and my guide in the blind.  We saw many animals that 1st afternoon but no shooters. The next… Continue Reading →

Indiana Brute Image

Indiana Brute

Nov. 13th … 4:22pm … 18yards… liver/double lung … 60 yard recovery … Mathews Z7 … 171″ (gross) .. 225# field deressed … waited to hunt this stand utill the rut … the stand is only 100 yards from my house … in an open field … but … the reconyx did not lie …… Continue Reading →

Big Rack Mack Image

Big Rack Mack

We had caught Big Mack on trail cam once last year and a couple times this year. When I bought my Mission Craze last year, I told the store owner I was going to get me a 10 pointer. Well, Big Mack is a 9 pointer so close enough! This is my first full season… Continue Reading →

Biggest Whitetail Taken Image

Biggest Whitetail Taken

On November 8th I rushed out of work at 11:00 am in order to make the 2 hour drive to our hunting camp. I arrived about 2:00 pm, changed clothes, grabbed my DXT and headed to my stand. Just prior to last light I caught a glimpse of a deer walking up the trail. I… Continue Reading →

Pursuit of Hightower Image

Pursuit of Hightower

I set out on October 19th for a little low impact scouting on the northwest corner of the farm I was hunting. Little did I know that this day would be the beginning of a season to remember. As I walked the northern property line fence, I bumped a buck from his bed in the… Continue Reading →