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First Bow Bird and First Kill with CREED

First Bow Bird and First Kill with CREED

I had been shooting my Drenalin for the past 7 years and made the decision to get a new Mathews this past winter and ended up going with the Creed. Got the call from my Pro Shop two weeks before the opening day of NC Turkey season and I had it dialed-in on one afternoon… Continue Reading →

Public Land Ghost

Public Land Ghost

I had been transferred to Fort Drum in August and instantly threw up some game cams. First few days I had pictures of this buck and decided that this is the area I would hunt. After multiple deployments and missed seasons, I spend every off duty hour that I can in the stand and the… Continue Reading →

Who says women need help to hunt?

Who Says Women Need Help to Hunt?

My husband was deployed to Iraq and was scheduled to be home after season opened. I had never spent time in the woods or shot any weapon, gun or bow, ever. My husband is an avid bowhunter and had me and his sister out hanging stands and putting up trail cameras so he would be… Continue Reading →

My First Hog

My First Hog

This is my first kill with my Mathews Heli-m and this is the sweetest bow and my first hog. We were hunting the working mans bow ranch in north east Texas I got to the stand around 6pm and at 8pm this hog and 8 others came in. I drew and dropped him in his… Continue Reading →

Wyoming Bull

My brothers, Kenny and Mark, and I worked for months to get in shape for this high country elk hunt in Wyoming. We ran the bleachers at the local football stadium five days a week for almost three months. I changed my diet, and I lost 15 pounds. It had been years since I was… Continue Reading →


My Indiana Bruiser

I was hunting my husband’s (boyfriend at the time) family farm for the first time when no longer than 30 minutes on stand a mature doe stepped out. It wasn’t long until I spotted a buck on her tail. I tapped my camera man’s knee to get his attention. When this buck appeared it reminded… Continue Reading →

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt Image

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

My wife and I went to New Zealand to visit our daughter and her family who had moved there a few months ago. And since a Red Stag hunt in New Zealand was one of those “bucket list” hunts that I had dreamed about, I just had to take advantage of the opportunity. So I… Continue Reading →

Canadian Moose Image

Canadian Moose

My partner and I were set up in a ground blind overlooking a natural mineral lick. We had been there about an hour calling elk with no success. We were talking about where to try next when we heard a bull moose grunting a long way away. I took my friends elk bugle and pulled… Continue Reading →

One Squeaky Stand Image

One Squeaky Stand

It was one of those perfect mornings and I was just happy to be out in the woods but after about two hours of not seeing any deer I decided I needed to shake things up, or rattle as it turned out. Right about 7:45 I ran through a grunt sequence and a snort wheeze… Continue Reading →

Marsh Monarch Image

Marsh Monarch

Chased this guy around the farm for weeks and finally caught up with him on a bluebird afternoon in November. It was a hunters dream…saw him chase off 6 other bucks, snort wheeze, grunt, and tend a doe – a magical day in the tree for sure!