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Desert Buck Image

Desert Buck

After several days of hunting I had seen nothing but a lonely doe. With the weather making it impossible to hunt my previously scouted areas I headed out to a dove tank near town to clear my mind and think about where to hunt next. After sitting for several hours and seeing no doves I… Continue Reading →

Split Tine Buck Image

Split Tine Buck

When my alarm went off at 5:05am I contemplated staying in my warm bed and sleeping in. The weather had been warm and moon had been full only a week before so it was still fairly bright in the night. Consequently, the deer were not moving much in the mornings. I decided that since the… Continue Reading →

Ohio Public Land Sleeping Beauty Image

Ohio Public Land Sleeping Beauty

My father and I have traveled from mid-PA to southeast Ohio for the last three years. We only hunt on public property. No guides, no bait, just us and some topo maps. On the morning of Nov. 4th, 2012 I set up shop near a water hole. After a series of grunts and rattles, I… Continue Reading →

2012 Iowa Whitetail Image

2012 Iowa Whitetail

After 4 years of patiently waiting, I was able to again draw 1 of Iowa’s highly prized non-resident archery tags. My good friend Rodger and I finally arrived on November 2nd after the long 19 hour drive from our PA home. The pay-off couldn’t be more sweet though when I was able to harvest my… Continue Reading →

TN 10pt Z7Xtreme Image

TN 10 Point, Shot with the Z7 Xtreme

After having trail cameras out throughout the summer and only getting a dozen pictures of a couple of real nice shooter bucks on the property, I wasn’t exactly sure where to even start hunting the 2012/2013 TN bow season. My cousin and I had hung a couple of hang on stands in the edge of… Continue Reading →

First Mule Deer Image

First Mule Deer

After an unsuccessful bear hunting season in Wyoming, I decided to turn my focus to mule deer. My Drenalin has been with me through thick and thin, mostly the latter lately, and I felt this was my year. On September 7, I was rushing to get home after work so I could pick my friend… Continue Reading →

The Reilly Buck Image

The Reilly Buck

On the morning of November 12, 2011, I looked down over my left shoulder and saw this giant buck comming down the trail! I had just enough time to reach up and grab my Mathews Drenalin bow just as the big buck stepped out from behind a large oak tree! With no time to stand… Continue Reading →

Best Archery Buck to Date Image

Best Archery Buck to Date

It was just before the close of legal shooting time. I was perched 25 feet up in a massive oak on an old logging road. The old road sits between an abandoned farmstead with a small bean field and a brushy bedding area. I had been watching several does and fawns grazing their way across… Continue Reading →


Trophy Season

Mathews truly is the best compound bow on the market. I had the most incredible season in 2011 beginning on opening day of the Wild Bison hunt near Jackson, Wyoming. I drew a coveted Type 1 bison bull or cow priority # 53 in the spring of 2011. Up to this time I have hunted… Continue Reading →


My Hēlim Moment

I GOT THE NEW HēLIM BACK IN APRIL AND STARTED SHOOTING IT RIGHT AWAY. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW LIGHT AND FAST IT WAS. The more I shot it, the closer my groups were getting. Finally today, while shooting my first set of arrows, I heard a load noise and when I went to check my… Continue Reading →