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Spot and stock Antelope

Spot and Stock Antelope

I have been going back to my families ranch for the past 5 years guiding hunters and only taking a day or two to hunt for my self. With this year being my last year running the outfitting business I decided to take one whole week to hunt for my self before my hunters arrived…. Continue Reading →

BC Adventure

BC Adventure

I just recently returned home from a great hunt in northern British Columbia for Mt. Caribou and Moose. The weather was warm and that made the hunting tough but after seven hard days in the mountains, I was able to sneak within nineteen yards of this bull while he was in his bed. After a… Continue Reading →

2014 Making Memories

Making Memories

I have never owned another bow other than a Mathews and to date the Creed XS is hands down the smoothest shooting bow I have used. I killed this deer on October 5th, 2014 at 4:30 in the afternoon, which gave me time to go home and get my three year old son Austin and let… Continue Reading →

Last day buck... Ohio 2013

Last day buck… Ohio 2013

My 2013 Ohio hunt was exciting to say the least. After missing a good buck on the first day, I spent hours on stand without seeing another good buck to shoot. Finally, on my last day I climbed in the stand early for an afternoon sit and 20 minutes later, this buck stepped out and… Continue Reading →

Another trophy ticked off

Jackal Trophy

It was 5 minutes before the farms rules “last arrows” at 6pm…. I heard guinie Fowl next to the blind.  As I stood up to switch out my broadhead for a small game headed arrow, I saw 2 jackal drinking 25 yards away. I had never shot a jackal before and this was my chance!!! I drew… Continue Reading →

2014 Chill Bull

2014 Chill SDX Bull

I love my Chill SDX!

Brotherly love with my Helim

Brotherly Love with My Helim

A fine muley from a stand we call Brotherly Love! Nothing better than a little action on an AM hunt! Great hunt with some great people!

Red Cherry SnoCone

Red Cherry SnoCone

After a great opening day Saturday with lots of action, I woke up early Sunday knowing the possibility of a Big Buck coming into bow range was high. Just after light, I looked directly behind me and there he was dead down wind of me. Due to my awesome gear and scent products he didn’t… Continue Reading →

A gem with my Jewel!

A Gem with my Jewel!

First animal harvested with my Mathews Jewel. 370 lb black bear with green score of 20.5″ measured by a fellow hunter in camp. I love my Jewel. I shoot it for both league and hunting and couldn’t ask for a more versatile product. Thank you Mathews for producing a quality product for ALL hunters!

170 3/8"

170 3/8″

I shot this 170 3/8″ Whitetail on November 5, 2004. It was my first kill on video and was featured on Kisky’s “Whitetail Extreme 5″ DVD.