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Ohio Buck Image

Ohio Buck

The forecast was 40 mph winds with rain moving in but this was the last day of my trip so there was no doubt that I was going to be in the stand. At 8:30 that morning this ol boy came in searching for does. When I got him stopped at 41 yards I knew… Continue Reading →

A great day with Friends in the woods Image

A great day with Friends in the woods

It was the last day of the early archery season in PA and my best bud Dan and I were excited to be hunting together. The full moon was so bright, we didn’t need flashlights to get in our treestands well before day break. Shortly after first light, a six point browsed its way to… Continue Reading →

Last day buck Image

Last day buck

It was the last day I could bow hunt before gun season in Wisconsin, Saturday, November 12. The weekend before, a branch had cost me a 140+ buck from 33 yards out. Disappointed, I had settled that I would shoot the next buck I saw, no matter what size. I had hunted this swampy area… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Combination Image

The Perfect Combination

It was November 11, 2011 in central Wisconsin, and the rut was really starting to kick into high gear. I had been hunting hard for entire month of October and beginning of November. I had saw a lot of bucks ut still hadn’t saw the buck I wanted, and with the Wisconsin gun season just… Continue Reading →

good things come with patience Image

good things come with patience

after hunting the rut all week, i was starting to get discouraged with seeing small bucks all week long. i almost didnt go out friday but ended up going out late. no sooner than i got settled in the old barn where i chose to sit, here he came, right straight to me. thanks to… Continue Reading →

3 years of history  & a magical day Nov 6th Image

3 years of history and a magical day Nov 6th

I first started getting pictures of this deer in 2009, but only night pictures. We never saw this deer during the hunting season in 2009 and only had a few pictures of him. In 2010, we started getting a few more pictures of this buck but all at night. My brother and I had one… Continue Reading →

My Mathews Moment Only Took 6 Years Image

My Mathews Moment Only Took 6 Years

I have owned a few hundred acres in southern Indiana now for 6 years and year after year I have either passed or seen big bucks out of bow range, well November 5th, 2011 it all paid off! That Saturday will always be my Mathews moment!

Beautiful day Image

Beautiful day

November the fourth was a clear quiet morning compared to the windy days in the past. At 6:30 A.M. I walked to my stand on the back side of our 140 acre farm and climbed into the stand for a relaxing moment before daylight began to lighten up the deer woods. The first deer to… Continue Reading →

First Buck with a Bow Image

First Buck with a Bow

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Chris Mobley and the Warranty/Technical shop at Mathews. I purchased a new Z7 Magnum in July. It developed an issue that the my local Mathews dealer could not resolve. The last week of September, we called up the Tech Department and told them about the issue. They… Continue Reading →

PA 8 Point Image

PA 8 Point

Well I finally got serious with archery again after a few years of minimal interest. I bought a Z7 Magnum and hit some IBO tournaments in the summer and the practice paid off when it came to making the shot on this buck. Thanks Mathews for building the best bows available and being a real… Continue Reading →