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My Mathews moment Image

My Mathews moment

Yesterday I was late season hunting an area close to my home with my Mathews LD set at 65 pounds and 65% let-off. I am a finger shooter. While slowly doing a spot and stalk I encountered this 4 x 4 blacktail in the middle of a clearcut. The buck was tucked into some bramble… Continue Reading →

Z7 extreme gets it done Image

Z7 extreme gets it done

I took this buck on state land in Massachusetts. I had him on camera for two months but he was only moving at night, until 4:20 on December 9th. He came in at 41 yds and stopped for a split second. My z7 extreme was ready to go and performed flawlessly and put my buck… Continue Reading →

First bull tag, first bull Image

First bull tag, first bull

I have been sitting at my favorite little waterhole for years hunting cow elk and this was the first year I was drawn for a bull tag. I didn’t use a call, was just sitting in a ground blind at my little waterhole, about a half a mile from camp. This bull just walked in… Continue Reading →

Ram Hunt Texas Image

Ram Hunt Texas

After bow hunting for many years I finally upgraded got a Reezen 7.0. My first hunt I wen to Mason TX to take on a stalk hunt for a Texas Doll Ram. Getting close was not an easy task but I knew I could take a 40 yards shot with my bow. Before I would… Continue Reading →

A Double Great Day in the Woods! Image

A Double Great Day in the Woods!

The Rut was on! It was a little before 7am when I saw a doe coming towards me. I grabbed my Z7 and at the same time I heard a buck grunting from the same direction. The smaller of the Big Bucks was bearing down on the doe. I had to yell at the buck… Continue Reading →

Home Town Dream Image

Home Town Dream

Richard Cameron hear on the 22nd of November 2011 4:10pm Rainy evening was able to harvest this great Buck trailing a Doe at 28 yrds was able to arrow this buck with my Z7 Xtreme and Rage Broadhead .

Just Because Image

Just Because

I am sorry I do not have my Mathews Passion in this photo, but I love the passion bow. I wanted one as soon as they came out. My parents surprised me with a “Just Because Present” low and behold they bought me a Mathews Passion. We went on a trip to Kansas and after… Continue Reading →

Oregon Blacktail Image

Oregon Blacktail

It was a nasty Oregon day with winds that were 25 to 45 mph. The rain was pouring down when I spotted this buck feeding in a clear cut. I got to within 20 yards but shot him at 70 after he spooked and ran off. Thanks to my Mathews DXT bow !!!! You have… Continue Reading →

Bow hunting Hawaii Image

Bow hunting Hawaii

I love shooting my new Mathew tactical. Here on the island of Lana’i (Hawaii) we get to bow hunt all year round and my Mathews never let me down>

First kill with Mathews Image

First kill with Mathews

Took a trip to S. Indiana with a few friends to hunt a great 300 acre piece of private land. After sitting for 2 hours on the first afternoon of the hunt I finally saw the first deer or the evening. It was a spike chasing a doe. After watching the spike and doe do… Continue Reading →