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At Last Image

At Last

In 2010 I got 12 trail cam pics of this buck. In 2011 I got 16 more. During the past two seasons I scouted fields in the AM & PM. I never got to actually see him. All pictures were taken after dark except on 11/8/11, when I got 3 daytime pics. After lunch on… Continue Reading →

Let it be HIM... Image

Let it be HIM…

My brother in law and I took off work early on Friday to go three hours south to my favorite piece of ground. Living three hours from your stand has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is, your three hours from the stand! The benefit is, when you go, your going to see deer! I… Continue Reading →


Awesome day with my Mathews

This year started out like any other deer season, we started scouting and placing trail cameras out. Just seeing little deer on my cameras I was not getting too excited because I knew with the rut coming at end of the season I should see something. I practiced all summer long with my Z7, Robin-Hooding… Continue Reading →

dream day with the z7 Image

dream day with the z7

I decided to go hunting after work for a few hours with my best friend. we were only in the tree not even ten minutes and seen our first buck chasing a doe. Minutes later another two doe and a small buck came right under our set up. about a half n hour later we… Continue Reading →

beautiful day to shoot my mathews Image

beautiful day to shoot my mathews

I started shooting because my sister and dad do. I really like it alot and is a fun time meeting new kids my age. I love my mathews bow and love adding new thing on it when ever I can. I just got a menice for christmas and love it. I try to shoot as… Continue Reading →

having a blast with my mathews Image

having a blast with my mathews

I started shooting a few years ago on the youth league at ten yards. In january i decided i wanted to try 20 yards and be able to go to the state championship. I began practicing atleast a few times a week and shoot in any league my dad would sign me up for. We… Continue Reading →

Buck of a lifetime! Image

Buck of a lifetime!

My Mathews Z7 came through in a big way! I traveled to Kansas during the 2011 bow season to hunt on public land. Being from S.C. I knew there was a chance to see some big deer. After scouting for a couple days we hung stands to hunt. At about 9:30 am the first morning… Continue Reading →

A buck named "Beamer" Image

A buck named “Beamer”

This is a buck that I have a lot of history with. I have both 2010 sheds and a shed from 2009. We named him “Beamer” as in 2009 he grew and extra beam on his left side. He did not have that trait after that but we kept the name anyways. I have many… Continue Reading →

Bull Tahr of New Zealand's Southern Alps Image

Bull Tahr of New Zealand’s Southern Alps

The Mathews Z7 and I made the journey from Melbourne Australia to Queenstown NZ without incident. Upon clearing customs we were off to hunt the spectacular Himalayan bull Tahr of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. We were onto bulls right from the first day of the hunt but it took until day 3 before we got… Continue Reading →

2011 Buffalo Hunt Image

2011 Buffalo Hunt

I just wanted to thank Mathews for building the finest bows in the world. If it wasn’t for my equipment I would not have been able to take this trophy. I have had my Drenalin for five years. It was my first bow and out of the box the performance and accuracy has made me… Continue Reading →