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my first bow shot buck Image

my first bow shot buck

This is the first buck I shot with my Mathews Ultra 2. . It was set up the same as when I shot my doe. I got him 16 days after my doe. When he came into range there was a blow down right in front of him, I had about five inches of a… Continue Reading →

Halloween Buck 2002 Image

Halloween Buck 2002

While hunting in Buffalo County Wisconsin on October 31, 2002, I arrowed this eight point Halloween buck at about 3:15pm with my Mathews Q2XL. The buck was chasing a doe by my tree and offered a standing front quartering shot at 18 yards. It is for sure the best Halloween treat I’ve had so far!

Whitetail Image


Thanks Mathews! This past year I was lucky enough to harvest yet another great Illinois Whitetail. After a long drive from Montana to my birth state of Illinois, I was rewarded with a 12 yard shot at this 184" 232# Whitetail. My legacy delivered and the nobe buck traveled only about 80 yards. Even though… Continue Reading →

My First Bow Shot Deer Image

My First Bow Shot Deer

I shot my first deer with a 2002 Mathews Ultra 2. I had it set at 66# with a 385 gr beman carrying a Rocky Mnt. Snyper. She came in at 14 yards and presented an awesome shot. Thanks Mathews for such a great bow. Andrew Osborne

A Trophy in my eyes Image

A Trophy in my eyes

I shot this doe at about 10 yards with my MQ32, it was the first deer I had ever shot in the area we hunt and we have been hunting for many years…have seen alot of deer but it was a trophy because it was our first.

What dreams are made of! Image

What dreams are made of!

Thanks Mathews. Pennsylvania bow kill with an MQ32. 200# field dress. 166 and change gross, 153 3/8" P&Y typical.

First Pope & Young Image

First Pope & Young

My First Pope and Young I took this 152 3/8 inch whitetail in Mississippi. The buck would only present a shot quartering towards me at over 35 yards. I felt confident with my Mathews Q2, so I took the shot. The silence and power behind these bows is unbelieveable. Thanks to my Mathews bow I… Continue Reading →

2002 Bull Elk Image

2002 Bull Elk

I had finally drew an elk tag and after hunting 9 days this was the day we had to pack it up and go home. It was about 7:00 am when we decided to make on last bugle and head to another area. To our surprise that was the magic bugle. We heard a deep… Continue Reading →

First Bull Image

First Bull

After my husband, Steve, had observed this herd of elk taking the same path night after night, longtime friend Jeremiah Upp and I positioned ourselves along the trail. About one hour before dark the action began, there were bulls bugling everywhere! This particular bull came right to Jeremiahs calls, and as he turned to leave,… Continue Reading →

First time Archer scores with Mathews Legacy! Image

First time Archer scores with Mathews Legacy!

Only 30 Days after purchasing my 2002 Mathews Legacy, elk season opened in Colorado. On the Third week of the season I took this 5×5 bull at 15 yards. The bow was set at 70lbs and the arrow passed all the way through. Thanks Mathews! Dwane Dardis