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First Bow Harvest  Image

First Bow Harvest

It was a windy afternoon in the pines of Worth County, Georgia. I, Michael Lee, was hunting a food plot next to a heavily used bedding area with my hunting partner, Matthew "Alabama Slamma" Story, perched a couple hundred yards away off of the food plot. I was hunting a stand that my dad, Mike… Continue Reading →

2003 Coues Whitetail Buck Image

2003 Coues Whitetail Buck

I had started the day out late, but after glassing an hour I saw this buck chasing a doe on top of a ridge. The buck was moving about from 9:00 am until bout 1:30 pm when I started my stalk. I had picked out some boulders as point to shoot. As I got closer… Continue Reading →

First Buck with a Bow. Image

First Buck with a Bow.

I harvested my first archery buck with a Mathews Legacy, while hunting with my friend Chris on a windy afternoon with driving snow. We set up on a 30-acre corn lot with a 20 – 30 mph wind blowing from top to bottom, this was not going to be easy and I was hoping the… Continue Reading →

157 3/8 Gross in Tuscarwas Co. Ohio Image

157 3/8 Gross in Tuscarwas Co. Ohio

Deer taken on the back of my property with a Rootbeer Mathews Legacy. Gross Score: 157 3/8 White Tail Field Dressed Weight: approx. 250 lbs. Broadhead: Muzzy 115g 4 blade Arrow: Carbon Express Sight: Impact Cosmic Stabilizer: Isolator Camo: Scent Shield (highly recommended)



It was November 2,2002 when I saw this buck tagging along behind a doe. I had gotten out of my treestand to walk over to the lake to go to the bathroom. I couldnt hold it anymore & I wanted to sit a couple more hours. When I came back to my stand I looked… Continue Reading →

First IOWA Buck Image

First IOWA Buck

9th day of all day hunting ,seen alot of big bucks ,no shots .He came by chasing a doe at first light.When i shot i looked at my watch,6:36am.I watched him fall about 50yrds away.

2002 Whitetail Image

2002 Whitetail

I took this nice Southern Iowa Whitetail on November 16, 2002. After coming close to harvesting several other nice deer this one walked 7 yards by my stand at last light offering me a broadside shot.

P&Y Whitetail Image

P&Y Whitetail

It was 5:04 pm, Nov. 10, 2002 (the last day of my hunt) and it was minutes before sundown. I was in a ladder stand at an intersection of 6 draws. I had called in nine different bucks since 2:30 that afternoon, so I knew the bucks were crusing for ladies! At 5:00 pm I… Continue Reading →

First Whitetail Image

First Whitetail

I was lucky enough to get to hunt in Ohio this year, and finally fullfill a lifelong dream of taking a whitetail. This monster came by my stand chasing a doe, and gave me a 40 yard shot. My Mathews Legacy was up to the task and after a complete pass-through he went only 15… Continue Reading →

Mark Fiebke Image

Mark Fiebke

The 2000 bow season had not been very productive for me, so after hunting in the morning I decided to do a little scouting. I went about 1 mile further back in the woods and found a really nice rub line in some pines. There was no place to put a stand up in the… Continue Reading →