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55" Kudu Image

55" Kudu

Shot with a Mathews Conquest 2 at 68 lbs and Vapor 400 arrows with Steelforce 125 broadheads. Shot from a treestand we put up after watching the Kudu for several days. My wife, daughter and I shot 10 animal, 5 were SCI gold medal with our Mathews bows. The bows worked magnificently! Great memories, Thank… Continue Reading →

Shad Schmidt Image

Shad Schmidt

June 2003 I hunted in South Africa with Ken Moody Safaris. I took 4 animals in 10 days. I was using a Mathews LX set at 70 lbs with a Mithews arrow rest.

My First Bear Image

My First Bear

It was 8:45 pm on the second night of my first bear hunt with Northern Timber Trophy Hunts as I realized that the bear was not going to come into the bait the way all the other earlier bears had. As he continued to move at a steady pace, his course was taking him behind… Continue Reading →

My First Pope & Young Image

My First Pope & Young

My first year hunting with a Mathews Feather Max and in Illinois. After hunting 21 years in Tennessee, it only took one week in Illinois to take a Pope & Young. Thanks Mathews!

Joshs First Bear Image

Joshs First Bear

On the evening of may 29 2003 Josh had been sitting in his tree stand for about 3 hours when a chocolate bear came in Josh tried to pull back his Mathews FX bow but the bear caught movement so Josh froze at half draw till the bear looked away Josh had to wait about… Continue Reading →

2003 Minnesota Long Beard Image

2003 Minnesota Long Beard

It was the latest I had ever hunted turkeys in Minnesota (May 21-25) still, I had no problem locating birds. However, I did not have any luck getting positive responses to calling or using decoys. I did notice a few nice toms cruising around wooded edges on a routine basis nearby. So I quickly adjusted… Continue Reading →

Just Missed P&Y Image

Just Missed P&Y

This was the first night of my week long bear hunt a couple hours north of home. A beautiful choclate sow came in at 6:30 pm and 15 minutes later I heard a loud woof and in came this huge black bear. As I watched the sow and boar feed for 25 minutes, I thought… Continue Reading →

Bow Turkey 2003 Image

Bow Turkey 2003

Roosted this gobbler and two others the night before. My hunting partner Eugene and I snuck in to within 75yds of the bird in the early morning darkness and set up our blind and decoys, at 5:15a.m. the bird flew down to within site of our decoys and strutted into 10yds and my Mathews Ultra… Continue Reading →

Alberta Black Bear Hunt Image

Alberta Black Bear Hunt

My first Alberta bear hunt allowed me to take two bears. After shooting a beautiful black bear on the second day, I was now looking for an unusual bear, or maybe just some good video memories. I had just climbed into my stand and was setting up my video camera when the brown color phase… Continue Reading →

What a morning! Image

What a morning!

On the morning of the last day of spring turkey season, I had 6 jakes fly down across the Gasconade River here in the Missouri Ozarks, to my call. I was set up in a Double Bull T5 blind and the birds were oblivious to my presence. As the jakes ran to my decoys that… Continue Reading →