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Some mornings the woods are just alive! Image

Some mornings the woods are just alive!

My buddy Matt and I finally got to go hunting together on Nov 5th 2011. The last couple years with work schedules and busy family lives it’s been a challenge to get out in the woods together. Matt was hunting a tree line and I was just inside the woods in a stand that I… Continue Reading →

big ohio 8 Image

big ohio 8

Had patterned this buck early season. hung stands prior to opening day but the first evening i could hunt was oct 6. He came out watched him work his way to me in a field feeding. Shot him at 13 yards with my z7. awesome hunt

Z7X First Bow Kill Image

Z7X First Bow Kill

After not shooting a bow in over 20 years, this was the season to revive my archery blood. When my wife said,’our freezer is getting low, you should go kill something,’ I listened. So, I did some research, and a little test shooting, and was amazed at how friendly and accurate modern bow technology has… Continue Reading →

My first out of state hunt Image

My first out of state hunt

I went on my very first hunt outside of New Jersey, to Wyoming in September and I shot a 69+ inch P&Y antelope. The crew that I went with told me to not to shoot one on the first day of our five day hunt, but check them over, for you will see them again… Continue Reading →


Love My Mathews Passion

Mathews Passion, finally a bow made just for woman. Their form and fit are second to none. Moose, Bear, Bobcat, and of course white tails are no match for my Mathews passion. Thank you Mathews for making one tremendous bow!

tom ashley shoots 300 60x Image

tom ashley shoots 300 60x

the first night of the norfolk ny indoor league tom shot a 300 60x with his mr7.this is a great bow.I shoot a mr5 and my 12 year old son shoots a apex7 and my eight year old daughter shoots a mission menace. we love our mathews bows. my son is 1st in new hampshire… Continue Reading →



My story begins oct 1 the first day of Pa archery season I’m hunting with a Diamond Black Ice we are headed for a small peace of woods to hunt some of my friends decide to walk thought this peace an see if they can move anything well about thirty minutes g by and i… Continue Reading →

robinhood with the monster Image

robinhood with the monster

I was out just shooting the bow. I havn’t shoot in weeks since archery was over and it got very cold out. My secound round i shoot i heard a loud noice when the arrow hit. I walked up and seen i just shoot my second robinhood with the monster. I cant say enough about… Continue Reading →

Return of Stickers Image

Return of Stickers

I encountered this buck 4 times throughout the season, two were during the youth season while hunting with my son Casey . After the soybeans were harvested he left out , he showed back December 7 . I harvested him December 26 with my Z7 Extreme tactical .

The best day of the season Image

The best day of the season

Even though the buck in the picture was shot on November 17th, 2011, this story really starts at the end of the 2009 hunting season. I had my trail cameras set up on food sources after the 2009 deer season, hoping to get pictures of the bucks that were left before they shed their antlers…. Continue Reading →