I Shoot Mathews

Hoosier daddy

Hoosier Daddy

Crisp AM hunt in Jefferson County Indiana led to this buck trailing a doe and my Helim did the job!!
Red Cherry SnoCone

Red Cherry SnoCone

After a great opening day Saturday with lots of action, I woke up early Sunday knowing the possibility of a Big Buck…
Mathews ROCKS!!!!!!!

Mathews ROCKS!!!!!!!

Hello, my name is Forrest L Cooper. Im 18 years old & I wouldn’t shoot anything else but a MATHEWS!!!! I started…
A gem with my Jewel!

A Gem with my Jewel!

First animal harvested with my Mathews Jewel. 370 lb black bear with green score of 20.5″ measured by a fellow hunter in…
Opening Bow Hunting Wisconsin 2014

Opening Bow Hunting Wisconsin 2014

I had been in my stand on opening afternoon for about an hour when, finally, after a little too much of nothing,…
Whitetail Greaks 150 1/8"

Whitetail Greaks 150 1/8″

I shot this massive narrow spread buck back in November of 2005 and is featured on the first Whitetail Freaks DVD.
First mule deer

First Mule Deer

I was walking on a old skid road. I stumbled upon a mule deer doe. I looked over and there he was.…
A memory I will cherish forever

A Memory I Will Cherish Forever

Sunday October 28th, 2012 was one of the best days of my life. I will never forget it. The rut was in…
170 3/8"

170 3/8″

I shot this 170 3/8″ Whitetail on November 5, 2004. It was my first kill on video and was featured on Kisky’s…
172" gross booner

172″ Gross Booner

I killed this 172″ gross 10 pointer with my Mathews DXT bow in southern Illinois on Nov 10th, 2011. It was a…

2014 Montana Antelope

Montana antelope, spot and stalk with a 50 yard lung shot
2014 Arizona Deer

2014 Arizona Deer

After a week of hunting hard in the on and off again rain storms shot this deer at 87 yards with my…

Australia’s Bowhunter of the Year

Ever since I started shooting Mathews bows I have downed some of Australia’s best game on record and received Australian Bowhunter of…
My first Mathews Muley

My first Mathews Muley

Hunting in Alberta my guide spotted this giant a few days earlier. With clear skies and a 25 MPH wind, conditions were…