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My first moose  Image

My first moose

I shot this moose with my Mathews SQ2 at 3 yards using a 2314 easton arrows and 125 grains thunderhead. My bow…
First "Real" Kill With a Mathews Image

First "Real" Kill With a Mathews

I bought the Legacy in July of 2002 and headed to Quebec with it in August. On the first morning of the…
success in South Africa 2002 Image

success in South Africa 2002

This Blue Wildebeest I harvest at a distance from 60 yard with my Conquest 2.
2002 Alberta Record Black Bear Image

2002 Alberta Record Black Bear

It was a rainy evening in northwest Alberta, Canada. It was the 4th day of a 6-day black bear hunt with Plihal’s…
Spring Turkey 2002 Image

Spring Turkey 2002

I was able to arrow this fine Minnesota Eastern Tom on the last day of my 5 day season at about 10:30am.…
First Wild Boar Image

First Wild Boar

Wild boar shot in France (26.January 2002). Bow: Mathews SQ2; Arrow: Easton XX78, 2314 Superslam; Broadhead: Muzzy, 2 Blades, 125 grain The…
My First Bear Image

My First Bear

As the light was fading, out of the timber walked my bear. This was a different bear than I had seen with…
2000 Muley Buck Image

2000 Muley Buck

It was getting to the close of the season and I was still looking for my first deer with a bow. The…
The First with the Q2 Image

The First with the Q2

This is the first of five deer Ive been fortunate enough to take with my Mathews Q2. Ill never forget the first…
Homecoming Buck Image

Homecoming Buck

This Buck was a great home coming gift. It was my first day in my treestand after 4 years of no deer…
Bear Image


My Grandfather told me just months before he passed that I should go to Alaska…he was right and must have been sitting…
New Millennium Buck Image

New Millennium Buck

My first bow hunt in Maryland proved to be very fruitful. After two days of hunting a complete double lung pass through…