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Chads double Image

Chads double

Heres the antelope buck I shot the morning of 923 with my Mathews Q2 bow.
Daily double Image

Daily double

I was lucky to take this buck on the season opener, just after I had taken an antelope that morning! I shoot…
Now I know what the "2" in Q2 stands for.... Image

Now I know what the "2" in Q2 stands for….

As I was listening to the cow elk expire, three whitetail bucks wandered by the treestand. My second arrow inside of 10…
SCI Record Gemsbok Image

SCI Record Gemsbok

I used a Mathews SoloCam (67lbs), Easton Carbon Arrows, Cobra release, Satellite broad heads. On my Gemsbok, I was stalking, I probably…
First Buck Shot With a Bow Image

First Buck Shot With a Bow

I bought my Mathews MQ32 bow in 2001, but never shot it until 2002. I shot this buck at 18 yards on…
Aspen surprise Image

Aspen surprise

I was hunting with my Dad who is 71 years old. We were sitting in a ground blind all morning with no…
bowtrophies Image


Some of the trophies taken in the last 3 years using my Mathews Ultramax, set to 70lbs Kudu Waterbuck Bushbuck Warthog ostrich…
2002 Buck Image

2002 Buck

I have bowhunted for almost 30 years and I had wanted a Mathews for a long time. Last September I finaly got…
Team Mathews!! Image

Team Mathews!!

4/13/2002 Even though I have killed 2 really nice birds with a shotgun, I never considered myself a turkey hunter. My MQ1…
55" Kudu Image

55" Kudu

Shot with a Mathews Conquest 2 at 68 lbs and Vapor 400 arrows with Steelforce 125 broadheads. Shot from a treestand we…
Dr. Denise Nugent Image

Dr. Denise Nugent

Denise shot this great Impala at a waterhole in South Africa. A perfect lung shot with the Impala traveling only 52 yards.
Jim Nugent Image

Jim Nugent

Shot this Blue Wildebeest at 28 yards with my conquest 2 and 400 gr. vapor arrows with steel force 125. The arrow…
Shad Schmidt Image

Shad Schmidt

June 2003 I hunted in South Africa with Ken Moody Safaris. I took 4 animals in 10 days. I was using a…
My First Bear Image

My First Bear

It was 8:45 pm on the second night of my first bear hunt with Northern Timber Trophy Hunts as I realized that…