I Shoot Mathews

Last chance Image

Last chance

I shot this deer on my second trip to Bottineau in the same year. We had a rough go of it earlier…
KY 8-Point Image

KY 8-Point

I shot this 8-Pointer on 10/3/04. I normally do not hunt mornings until mid to late October, but we had our first…
Texas Whitetail Image

Texas Whitetail

Author: Jeff Testerman Mathews LX. Texas Hill Country Whitetail – Salado, TX. 8 Pt. 19" outside spread. 19 yd. shot.
181 3/8 mule deer Image

181 3/8 mule deer

Public Land mule deer taken at 16 yards, with Mathews LX. Gross score 181 3/8.
Last Day Trophy Image

Last Day Trophy

Bow hunting Pike County Illinois has always been a dream of mine. During the 2004 season my dream came true. I have…
My Outback Delivered Another Reality Check Image

My Outback Delivered Another Reality Check

We were hunting in southwest Kansas the third week of November trying to take a good buck in front of the Reality…
My Best Buck Image

My Best Buck

I took this 10 point Illinois buck with a Mathews Legacy at 28 yards 7:30am chasing a doe in a wheat field.…
First Deer Image

First Deer

I used my new Mathews Mustang and shot this doe at 12 yards from a 16 treestand. The arrow passed through completely…
First Bow Kill Image

First Bow Kill

This was my first bow kill. I got my Mathews LX for Christmas 2003 and started practicing. I had never owned or…
Cornfield Cruiser Image

Cornfield Cruiser

The bucks were in a classic pre-rut mode and we had seen some very good deer during a 7 day hunt on…
Easy as 1,2,3......Well Not Really! Image

Easy as 1,2,3……Well Not Really!

Once again, November found in one of my favorite trees, this time the only thing different was the bow in my hand…
Big P&Y Image

Big P&Y

I had been bowhunting about 8 years (started late at 39) and taken a few does and some basket bucks, nothing close…
For Dad Image

For Dad

November 11th was my Dads birthday. He passed away 23 years ago at the age of 62. He taught me all I…
Jons Southern Illinois Buck By Matthews Image

Jons Southern Illinois Buck By Matthews

Taken on Nov. 11th at 4:18 18yards with a Matthews Outback. 161 3/8 gross. What a great hunt.