I Shoot Mathews

A Great November Morning Image

A Great November Morning

On a cold clear morning in early November I had three does lead this buck to within ten yards of my stand.…
Success in Namibia Image

Success in Namibia

My springbok at the way home
Switchback on Buffalo Image

Switchback on Buffalo

On a clear South African August day in late winter I set out to hunt for Cape Buffalo armed with my Switchback.…
Success in Namibia Image

Success in Namibia

I shoot this warthog at a distance from 22 yards with my Conquest 2 bow.
Impala Image


Ann Nance took this fine impala ram with her new Black Max with 46 pounds of draw weight. She made a beautiful…
Lady Bowhunter takes Huge Warthog Image

Lady Bowhunter takes Huge Warthog

With her new Black Max, my wife, Ann Nance, took this 13 1/2" warthog that she had nicknamed "Blondie" because of his…
Blue Wildebeest Bull taken with Outback Image

Blue Wildebeest Bull taken with Outback

This 30" Blue Wildebeest Bull was taken with an Outback. The bull came in with roughly 20 other wildebeests, a dozen or…
California Tule Elk Image

California Tule Elk

I was one of only a handful of lucky hunters that drew a coveted Tule elk tag in California in 2005. Tule…
Greg G. Justice Image

Greg G. Justice

The 2004 season was by far my most successful season as a bow hunter. In the early season I harvested a buck…
BlesBuck South Africa Image

BlesBuck South Africa

This Blesbuck Ram was taken early in the morning with my Mathews Switchback set at 70 pounds. I used a Vapor ACA…
NRA YHEC Nationals Image

NRA YHEC Nationals

I was recently invited to go with Forbush High School of North Carolina, to Raton, New Mexico for the NRA Youth Hunter…
Zebra at 40 yds  Image

Zebra at 40 yds

One morning a decided to give stalking zebra with my Outback bow a chance and my friend and PH Jean-Louis Viljoen of…
First Black Bear with my Q2 Image

First Black Bear with my Q2

It was the fourth day of the hunt when this boar came in at last light. I had the confidence I needed…
First Turkey Bow Kill Image

First Turkey Bow Kill

I had been sitting in a Double Bull Matrix For about an hour and a half when a group of toms came…