I Shoot Mathews

2005 Wyoming Antelope Image

2005 Wyoming Antelope

Sept. 1, 2005. Sat in my Double Bull Blind from 5:30 AM until this buck came into the water hole at 3:30…
kevins 1st antalope Image

kevins 1st antalope

antalope taken sept. 5, 2005 with a mathews ultra2 and gold tip hunter expidition and muzzy 100 broadhead at 24 yards.
The velvet Buck Image

The velvet Buck

Opening day of Kentucky archery season and thought the evening was coming to a close when this Brute come walking in under…
New York Bucks Fear Mathews Image

New York Bucks Fear Mathews

I have been shooting a bow for over 40 years. I shot Bear, Hoyt and Darton bows before buying my first Mathews,…
My first Elk! Image

My first Elk!

I have always dreamed of hunting the graceful and mighty elk. So my dad and I packed up the truck and took…
Impala Ram  Image

Impala Ram

I shot this nice Impala Ram during my second time on Farm Okapunja, Namibia in 2005. The 72# of Mathews LX chased…
My Kudu Bull from Namibia Image

My Kudu Bull from Namibia

My Bowhunt in Namibia on Farm Okapunja for the second time fortunately came true in 2005 as promised on an earlier story.…

Jackals from Okapunja

Fortune of the hunter. I shot both jackals at the same waterhole within days. In both cases the arrow, released from my…
Solo Wilderness Elk Hunt Image

Solo Wilderness Elk Hunt

On the last day of my wilderness hunt I had decided to just hunt along the trail back to my truck. Well…
California Mule deer Image

California Mule deer

I took this deer on the last morning of my hunting trip in Calif. It walk by my stand at 24 yds.…
Double Shovel Caribou, First Archery Kill Image

Double Shovel Caribou, First Archery Kill

I crossed over 1 mile of Alaskas finest tundra to get with n 226 yards of the Caribou I was stalking. I…
A Great November Morning Image

A Great November Morning

On a cold clear morning in early November I had three does lead this buck to within ten yards of my stand.…
Success in Namibia Image

Success in Namibia

My springbok at the way home
Switchback on Buffalo Image

Switchback on Buffalo

On a clear South African August day in late winter I set out to hunt for Cape Buffalo armed with my Switchback.…