I Shoot Mathews

Kansas Typical Whitetail Image

Kansas Typical Whitetail

This beautiful 11 point typical whitetail stepped out of a cedar thicket at 2:00 pm on a Monday afternoon. I had to…
Matt Glover Image

Matt Glover

On Saturday, November 5, 2005 I used my Mathews Q-2 to drive a 100 grain Muzzy through the backbone and into the…
Non Typical Image

Non Typical

On my birthday November 10th, it is my tradition that I hunt all day. I was lucky to be able to harvest…
Massive Buck Image

Massive Buck

I have been an avid bowhunter for 24 years, and I have shot many different bows, but Mathews is ages ahead in…
My 1st Pope & Young Image

My 1st Pope & Young

At 27 yards my Mathews Ovation sent my arrow completely through the deer and buried the broad head in a cedar tree…
First Buck with a Bow. Image

First Buck with a Bow.

My name is Lewis Kieffer Im 14 years old and live in Illinois. This year I was bow hunting about 3 fields…
1st Whitetail Image

1st Whitetail

Well I cut out of work early on Friday and drove three hours to my spot on the river bottoms so that…
My first archery season Image

My first archery season

One of my students purchased me my Mathews Switchback before archery season began this year. What an awesome gift it was. This…
The biggest deer of my life!! Image

The biggest deer of my life!!

I got to the stand a little later then I would have liked to, but I think it worked out OK. I…
First Tree Stand Buck Image

First Tree Stand Buck

After bow hunting on the ground for 25 years and harvesting a dear each year, a friend that belonged to my Bow…
First Buck Image

First Buck

I took this nice 8 point with my Mathews Outback. I had a small area to aim at and my Mathews guided…
My First Pope and Young Image

My First Pope and Young

This a picture of my 135 P&Y that I killed on the morning of Halloween 2004. I shot the buck with my…
switchback gets er done Image

switchback gets er done

11 point buck estimating score at 160+
9 point buck Image

9 point buck

This buck was taken from 28 yards with my Switchback…..