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178" Kansas Whitetail Image

178" Kansas Whitetail

11/14/05 2:30 pm I climbed into my stand at 1:30 pm on Monday afternoon after waiting all morning for the wind to…
First Hunt with my new Outback Image

First Hunt with my new Outback

My first kill with my new bow. A great Corsica Ram, 25 yd. double lung shot.
Little Bitty doe Image

Little Bitty doe

This was my two week old Switchback XTs first kill! I was hunting on a buddies farm and was hoping for an…
My first kill with my new Outback Image

My first kill with my new Outback

For Christmas 2005 my wife found a Mathews Outback on closeout and surprised me with a early Christmas gift. This doe is…
Kick off the New Year right! Image

Kick off the New Year right!

After 8 years of QDMA hunting I finally shot my 1st Buck with my Mathews Mustang. I kicked off the New Year…
The skunk and the Coyote Image

The skunk and the Coyote

I shot this 26 pound female Coyote on October 16th 2005 with my Mathews Mustang and I would like to share the…
28 Minutes Image

28 Minutes

This buck was taken during the rut in Louisiana. On December 23, 2005 I finally got situated in my stand at 6:34…
two in a row  Image

two in a row

In this particular spot that I was hunting, I killed a similar 9 pointer last season in the same spot. I got…
Corn feed Whitetail Image

Corn feed Whitetail

Shot this big boy during the early season with my LX. First buck I have ever shot with a bow, and this…
Jim Ciernia Image

Jim Ciernia

After 10 days of hunting and countless number of opportunities on 2 1/2 year old bucks , a hot doe passed by…
Best yet with a bow Image

Best yet with a bow

I was hunting a tree stand for hogs when this beautiful deer stepped out at 40 yds. We have heavy winds near…
174"+ Mule Deer Image

174"+ Mule Deer

I used a Mathews LX to harvest this public land Washington buck. This is the second "Book" deer I have been lucky…
151 gross score! Image

151 gross score!

151 gross score. mathews SQ2 bow. thank you Mathews! sincerely, George Johnson Long Island, NY
George Johnson Image

George Johnson

This is my first pope and young whitetail buck. The snow started early on in the day and very heavy at times,…