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9 point buck Image

9 point buck

This buck was taken from 28 yards with my Switchback…..
Birthday Buck Image

Birthday Buck

For the past 9 years I have taken the day off on my birthday to sit in a tree and enjoy what…
First Buckeye Big Bucks  Image

First Buckeye Big Bucks

My First Buckeye Big Buck 140 4/8" was taken with my Mathews switchback XT in 2005. I just want to say thanks…
Illinois first Image

Illinois first

As the Illinois sun started to set this monster came into the tinks 69 and was clueless of my presents. As I…
The Ultimate in Accuracy! Image

The Ultimate in Accuracy!

I have been a “die hard” bowhunter for over 15 years. During this time much of my equipment has changed drastically, with…
hunting the rut  Image

hunting the rut

November 6 when this big 8 pointer walked by my stand at 25 yards my new Outback did a great job for…
first buck Image

first buck

9 pointer 17 inch inside spread Used A Mathews FX
First bow kill Image

First bow kill

It was a warm November morning and my dad got me in the tree about an hour and half before daylight. There…
2005 Archery Season in Wisconsin Image

2005 Archery Season in Wisconsin

I shot this buck at about 4:30 On Nov. 5th he was at about 40 yards and my Mathews Switchback did the…
I DID IT!!! Image


This was my first year bowhunting, I have been gun hunting for several years and after last years deer season I decided…
Acorn Buck Image

Acorn Buck

This buck was shot in an area of New York not noted for producing big bucks. On November fifth I climbed into…
Pope and Young Image

Pope and Young

Here is a picture of the buck I harvested with my bow on November 4, 2005. He had a gross score of…
Northern Illinois Buck Image

Northern Illinois Buck

Northern Illinois Buck It was one o’clock in the afternoon when I stepped off the airplane at O’Hare airport on Nov. 4th.…
First Buck Bowkill Image

First Buck Bowkill

I was able to hunt this particular stand on November 4. This buck was the first deer I saw from that stand…