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    My very reputable an trustworthy dealer here tested the ZXT duplicating the the IBO test at the shop. He is getting 330 on average. I spent about 2 hours shooting a demo ZXT, Chill, and Creed and compared the ZXT to my Z7 extreme tactical they both shoot the same but ZXT is really cleaned up in appearance(Looks great) and balanced. So I am expecting same performance ordering mine in camo and it would be nice if the roller guard and sting stop were offered in camo.

    Compared to the Creed and the Chill to me the ZXT is smoother at 60 pounds and definitely quieter than both Bows and the ZXT has the performance of the Chill at a reduced price point. The ZXT is a real sleeper.
    All three Bows are shooters.

    Has anyone else tested the IBO of the ZXT.

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    Yes IBO is around 330 on the ZXT!
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