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    thanks guys and keep the comments coming as I still haven’t decided…
    have to wait a few more days though until local dealer is back from the tradeshow. Am impressed with the guy as he is really trying to help me out since i lost my bow to theft and money is tight with holidays..
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    I voted for the Z7 . I am just not a fan of the split limb look .
    So I am a fan of the Z7. I will own on of them soon too :thumbup :thumbup

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    Thanks everyone for the great comments. I picked up the Z7 Christmas Eve morning.. It looked better with every accessory that they put on. Hey I owe a big “Thank You” and :thumbup to the guys at Ackley and Sons, Westfield, PA for the great setup and support!!!!! Although they didn’t let me walk out of there wearing my Gander Mountain hat. LOL
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    get the monster 7.0 it has to be the best mathews i have ever shot! If you are only going to hunt the z7 is fine great bow for ground blind hunting. If you like to shoot some 3d i say go for the monster. 3 inches more ata sure is nice!
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    Ok guys I have a problem.. I went to pick up a Z7 today and while i was there they talked me into shooting the Monster 7.0.. wow this bow also shot very nice. It’s a coin toss to see which one to buy.

    Anyone have pro’s con’s and just a good honest opinion. I shoot moderate 3D and range but mostly hunting… thanks for the help

    Oh BTW the only reason for a new bow is because two weeks ago someone stole my bow and archery gear from my garage. Can you believe it and especially during the rut???[/quote:3tof2phr]

    I hear ya nyhunter. I shot all the bows at my pro shop to compare. The last two standing were the Z7 and monster 7. Monster 7 was voted off the island. The extra speed is not more valuable than the smoooooth draw and steady after shot…………….IMO of couse! I have a hard enough problem pulling arrows out of the targets with my Drenalin and the Z is 10fps faster!

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    Wouldn’t the M7 be the more forgiving/accurate of the 2 b/c of the straighter riser? The Z7 has quite a reflexed riser in comparison. Sure the Z7 is smooth, but that is just 1 factor.
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    I narrowed my choice between the monster7 and Z7. I
    really wanted the monster for the speed and accuracy.
    I just couldnt get past the draw. At 59yrs old I settled
    on the Z7 for the smoother draw. If you dont mind the
    draw of the monster then get that one. its dead on
    accurate . much faster .
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    Hey guys as I posted above I ended up getting the Z7.. Been shooting solocams for so long that I thought it best to stick with them. AND the Z7 just looks cool! Yes the waffle design grows on you….lol
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    Good looking set up…I like the Z7 much better!!
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    thank you. love the viper sight but he didn’t have any in the lost camo at the time…stabilizer matches well though..
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    I was able to shoot both bows.. the monster is 10 fps faster but my new Z7 is smooth smooth smooth. speed never beats smoothness in the woods :thumbup
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    Buy the m7 or just wait for the monster safari :shock:. I personally think the Z7 is one of the ugliest bows ive seen :thumbup.
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    I own both the M7 and the Z7 and I absolutely love my Monster. My Monster is much much smoother than my Z7! For hunting the Monster is fantastic. We hunted rock rabbits (Hyrax) last weekend and one guy shot a Dren which is not much slower than a Z7. He had them duck his arrows. Not so with the Monster.

    Monster 7 all the way for me!

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