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    So here it goes. guess it ask you fine gentlemen. I own the XT, very happy with it. Was thinking of getting another bow and of course keep the XT as backup. The new bow needs to do some 3 D work as well and due to slightly unsound swedish regulations the bow I compete in 3 D with needs to not be more than 60 lbs of draw weight. That being said i will be shooting 300 ish grain arrows with it for 3D(@60 Lbs) and 385 gr arrows for hunting. Getting over 300 fps for 3 D would be nice, Im a 28 inch DL.

    So what ya think????

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    I shot them both just the other day. I would buy the Reezen.I didnt notice a big differance in the draw,vibration,noise or any thing else. The reezen is slightly longer,a little faster and I didnt check but it felt like it was just slightly heavier. I thought that it shot better. I dont owen a reezen yet Iam going to wait and shoot the others but the waffle riser doesent do any thing for me either. I also shot the maxxis 35 and It is vary vary nice. But I have always been a mathews fan and if I end up with a hoyt I will never ever here the end of it.But like they say “get over it.”
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    I certainly don’t like the looks of the Z7. It looks like it’s made out of those plastic milk crates. I think the Reezen is a great looking bow, and a little longer and faster than the Z7. Personally, I would get the Reezen [=}=]
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    I had a 6.5 and now have a 7.0 Reezen.I shot the Z7 last night. I don’t know if there is enough difference to justify trading the Reezen for the Z7 but if I didn’t have either and were shopping for 1 I think the Z7 would get the nod. You can’t loose with either one. Man Mathews turns out some pretty awesome bows every year. :thumbup
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    Shot them both, the Z7 is a better bow.
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    Recently switched from PSE to Mathews Reezen, Best bow to date.
    I would like to shoot the Z7, not to crazy about the design but the reverse
    assist roller guard seems like a good idea.
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    I own an R7 and got a z7 coming. Overall smoothness goes to the z, although the reezen isn’t a slouch in any area either, both are quiet, fast, and hold like a dream. I say shoot them both for yourself over, and over, and over, and you get the point, and if it hasn’t come to you by then, just flip a coin, because there really isn’t a right and wrong answer in this one for a hunting bow. BEST OF LUCK AND ENJOY :thumbup
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    i own a reezen 6.5 and a hoyt alphamax both are awsome bows and i shot the Z7 i think it is the smoothest bow i ever shot the reverse assist made 65lbs feel like 60 and the balence s just dead in your hands, the grip is better and it is lighter and quieter.
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    i bought a reezen 7 over the offseason and all i have to say is wow, its blazing fast and its slinging my 438 grain arrows with no problem. Just like my daddy always said if it aint broke dont fix it
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