Z7 Magnum for 3D?

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    I was wondering what people thought of the Z7 Magnum for 3D. I am not interested in a target bow, I prefer hunting bows and BHFS. I plan to hunt turkey but probably not deer.  I find the MR7 a bit too heavy, just wondering if the 32″ ATA on the Z7 Mag is a little too short for 3D. I appreciate any advice.
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    Art Brown is a Senior pro and has been very successful with his
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    Subscribed, because I really want to hear people’s thoughts on this one!
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    Quite possibly my favorite Mathews bow.  I have shot 2 different “hunting” style bows for competitive 3D.  The Z7 Magnum has been the best performer for me so far.  I have it setup shooting a CBE Sniper Pro Sight, QAD HDX rest, and KTech Stab and Ktech KSB side bar.  I shoot Easton A/C/C 3-71 300’s.

    The Chill is my new project but i am setting it up with a CBE Elite sight with a 4x lens and B Stinger stabs.  I took second in the last local 3D shoot we had with this bow.

    I am a 30″ draw and found the longer ATA of the Z7 Magnum to work a lot better than the Z7 Extreme.  I was able to maintain tighter groups past 40 yds.  The Z9 was just too slow for me.  For a speed bow, the Z7 Magnum is extremely forgiving and will perform right next to the Chill.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)