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    Looking for suggestions on thumb release for my 12 year old son.   He is currently shooting a Tru-Fire wrist sling trigger release.   He is looking to get more consistent on spot targets and get those 3-4 arrows that he is missing for 300 rounds.   Also, his is pulling 40 lbs on his Conquest 4 bow and was interested in a type of fatter arrows.  Is anyone out there shooting or know of someone shooting fat arrows (must meet NFAA regs) at that poundage?   Last of all, are there any youth archery instruction schools in Wisconsin/Minn that are good?
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    I am a competitive archer and I  a JOAD league and there are a couple of boys there shooting fatter shafts. I can ask them what kind of arrows they use and message back. The only problem you may have with those arrows is the amount of weight your son is pulling. These boys are pulling close to 55 lbs, so since these arrows are heavier, he may need to pull a little more weight to shoot them. I’m an almost 15 yr old girl shooting 50lbs and from long distances, my arrows barely reach the target, still. I don’t have any suggestions as far as the release goes, since I personally don’t use one, but I’m sure you can get plenty of others to recommend one. I love my Carter Enterprises Honey back tension release, which I highly recommend, but I’ve got nothing else for you. Good luck!
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    so here iam three months later replying to the same post, but things have changed quite a bit since then. I a currently shooting my Tru Ball Absolute 360 four finger release and I love it. In my oppinion, it has a very smoothe, precise release. I highly reccomend it. I have done many 3D shoots and severl 900`s and a few 300`s withh it and I love it. The only thing I did`t like about it was it took me quite a while to pivot the head to fit my anchor point. took quite a few rounds of six to finally adjust it tohe right position. Best release i`ve used thus far and iv`e been shooting over two years with several releases. Thanks for your time. :)
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