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    well…ive been thinking and looking at my different suits….i did some comparions between mossy oak breakup and realtree ap hd

    pretty much i think the realtree is a little more noticeable, but when it comes down to it i come right back to thinking something is better than nothing, and wether or not your outline is broken up really just depends on your setting. theres a lot more i could sayi just dont feel like typing…..whats everyones take

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    Most of my gear is Realtree Hardwoods… when i do get more camo it will probably be the Lost Camo from GameHide

    These are the LOST CAMO pattern pictures from the Gamehide site:

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    redneck sports coat…. :^O
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    Jeff H.

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    i personally think outfitter camo looks the coolest :D
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    I don’t know if my vote really matters, being as you already have you mind made up between the camo patterns, but I am going with Predator camo this fall [=}=]
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    any camo will do a deer will more likely bust you for movement than the type of camo but the predator camo is nice [=}=]
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    I have been using Mossy Oak New Break Up…
    ALways used Mossy Oak… I like matching accessories etc… (Had browning bow)… well the “new breakup” came out a few years ago so I thought Oh it must be better… So I spent probably $1200-1500 on camo and scent lok… the material etc… is great… the camo sucks… I can tell how stupid I was now because it blobs up and is way too dark…
    So I noticed Realtree is better started buying small pieces of that (not wanting to spend a bunch more money… on new camo…
    My thoughts were always about how I look to myself or another hunter… not the deer…
    Honestly Predator, ASAT etc is ugly as sin… but it isn’t a beauty contest… I recognize that they breakup the human outline more effectively…
    I just ordered some predator pieces last night to try out…
    My one concern is how it will look in early season… with thick canopys.
    My main goal besides having fun is to trick a deer (eyes, nose, ears)… not to impress myself or co-hunters on how stylish I look…
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    AP [=}=]
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    Predator [=}=]
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    AP is referring to realtree ap hardwood correct?
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    MO Tree Stand. [=}=]
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    My thoughts… I don’t really think the deer care one way or the other between the different patterns. I’m a miss matched bunch of everything when I hit the woods and they don’t seem to mind. I usually just buy whatever is on close-out from the year before.

    The only time it really matters (in my opinion) is when you want to look good in the photo with you and your’re monster buck :thumbup

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    Double Drops

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    I’m using Realtree APG while the leaves are still green, but I’ll switch to Mossy Oak New Break-Up after the leaves fall off.
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    I’m kind of partial to Predator (Deception Brown) and ASAT.

    However, I will say this………. whatever Camo pattern you pick and from whatever material the camo pattern is placed on- make sure that the material HAS NOT been bombarded with UV Brighteners!! UV Brighteners (or UVB’s) will make you glow[/b:13eo6ptp] at dawn/dusk to a deer’s vision just like a white tee-shirt in a night club!

    The following graphs illustrate the difference between the Daylight (color) vision of the Human and the Whitetail deer. Each trace reveals the profile of sensitivity of a single class of receptor. Notice that the deer has only blue peaking and green peaking receptors while the human has a third receptor that is normally referred to as ?red? because it gives us the ability to see red light. This third cone makes us far more sensitive to the longer wavelengths (such as blaze orange at 605 nanometers). Notice also that the sensitivities of our blue receptor and the short side of our green receptor are less than that of the deer. This is the result of our Ultraviolet (UV) Filter that is absent in the deer. It makes us unable to see UV and far less sensitive to all wavelengths below 500 nanometers. The color bars illustrate the full range of color and brightness that each would see if deer and human both observed the spectrum in equal brightness.

    Scotopic or rod vision is the black/white/gray capability in low light conditions at the peak hunting hours when these animals are most active. While deer are clearly superior in low light at all wavelengths, the advantage is greatest at wavelengths where the deer?s sensitivity continues after human vision has ceased (Blocked by the UV Filter). This graph illustrates the extended capability of game animals and birds to see beyond our visible range. Note that at 400 nanometers (where human vision is fully blocked by our UV filter) the game animals have greater sensitivity than humans have for Blaze Orange. For ease of illustration, a logarithmic scale is used to compress the huge advantage in rod sensitivity of the deer.

    98% of all camo is either made in China or sent to China during some point in the manufacturing process. Almost all camo clothing that comes out of China has been treated with UVB’s so as to make the colors “pop”. That’s great fro most everyone EXCEPT hunters.

    Ever been busted by a deer at dawn/dusk when you weren’t moving and the wind was blowing from the deer to you? Ever try and figure out why? But a Blacklight at Lowe’s for $19 and shine it on all your camo in a darkened room. Any of your gear that “glows” is worthless. The UV “Killers” like Sport Wash are only UV “Dullers”, as it won’t KILL the UVBs, only temporarily dull them. In 2-3 weeks, these garments bombarded with UVB’s that were trested with Sport Wash will just spart to glow again.

    Here’s the rub- the same companies send different garments to different places. Four years ago, I purchased an ASAT cotton Bomber Jacket and cotton pants. The pants were fine- the jacket GLOWED !! This past summer, I purchased a Predator Deception brown Fleece Jacket and Warp Knit Bibs in Winter White- the jacket is fine, the Bibs GLOW !!

    You need to take a black light to every hunting garment you use- if it has UVB’s in it, it will glow !!

    Before spending any more $ on any more camo clothing- spend $19 on a black light first. After that, any new camo garment that glows- simply return.


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