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    please helpi just got a new dren and i am needing some help deciding on which site to use. i have it narrowed down between two. the hot dot by summit and the copper johns. i have used the copper john and really like them but i like the sumit hot dot. one thing i liked about the c.j. is the level. i posted a question about the h.d. on here and got alot of good responces and i thank you. but i still am undecided. help make up my mind. one reason i can not decid is because i have not been able to see the h.d in person just pics and i will not be able to see it til mid of sept (season will be started then) due to the fact that i am deployed in iraq. so i have to go off what you decide. i know you all are thinking that i will still have to site my bow in but i am going to have my cousin site it in most of the way and all i will have to do is fine tune it when i pick it up from him. we shoot each others bows all the time and we both are very conistant with them. in fact we traded bows for a shoot and still shot the same scores as always. [-o|
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    Tru-Glo are making some really nice sights and are very bright
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    copper john all the way :thumbup
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    The copperjohn supreme has 2nd and 3rd axis leveling..
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    There are many great sights out now, but the copper john is a tuff act to follow.
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    Check out Spot Hogg-
    Best hunting sight there is IMO. :thumbup
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    I learned years ago turkey hunting with a HOLO-Sight not to trust my hunt to a battery. (I still use the sight when I shotgun hunt, but I re-mounted it on a see-through saddle mount so I can use the barrel beads if the battery ever cuts out again.) With a bow, there is no back-up aiming system should the Hot Dot run cold. ( :^O ) It’s a neat idea, but not for me. [=}=]
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    Of the 2…I’d say the CJ

    But of all,,I’d say Spott Hogg [=}=]

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    Copper Johns or Viper

    I have shot with both and love them.
    I currently shoot a viper predator and my son a dead nuts 2 ( Copper John)

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