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  • August 22, 2013 at 4:08 pm #591423 Back to Top REPORT

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    My friend and i got a pic of a nice buck 2 days ago and we want to know would you shoot this buck this hunting season or would you make this year a good management year and try to get some of the bucks that just dont have it out.  We only Bow hunt this land with our Mathews so we only take 2 deer it is a smaller piece of land. Last year was a management year but the land beside us was hunted very hard with gun and have had no returning bucks that we have  watched for the past 2 years in our part of Virginia this is a Nice 10 point but he is new never seen him so any ways what would you do hunt him yes or no. And also what Age would you put this deer at?IMG_20130821_114250_395
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    3.5 yr old maybe 4.5, and if he makes it to his next season he might be a stud.
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    bootheel boy

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    If he’s bigger than anything I have ever killed I would shoot him.  Especially if the neighbors shoot everything in sight.  If you routinely get the same bucks coming back year after year I would be more likely to pass.
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    If they hunt with dogs close by or do not practice management I wouldn’t think twice. A deer like that in VA is a trophy.
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    Looks tasty and has nice horns. Double thumbs up. Definitely a shooter
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    I would let the arrow fly if a good shot opportunity happened. Nice buck for sure.
    I would guess around 4 years old.


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    August 23, 2013 at 4:02 am #591513 Back to Top REPORT

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    Dead deer walking!
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    IMG_20130823_093026_683This is what we have come from I mean almost felt like every day we had a new buck to name a new one to watch grow but I think someone has found are spot ha or the bucks spot I like giving the deer time to grow and I thought this pic shows how much just 2 years can help u not shooting the little Guys and passing but when people don’t have the same idea ha you can’t hold on too long or you’ll never get to get the bucks you put so much time into. My friend and I started spotting and trail cams up from June till now only to see 2 bucks this whole time  lot of doe witch will help so much also if they feel safe in our parts. Well guys I think we will hunt him and try to get something nice out of the past
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    I would hold off.  We have the same problem on our lease here in TX.  We’ve done a great job of managing and ensuring that we’re letting the big strong younger deer live for another year.  Problem is that the land all around our 750 acres doesn’t hunters that think the way we do.  We have a good stretch on a river, the idiots on the other side who shoot anything, have now put up two 15 foot tripods so they can shoot into the river and across onto our property.

    All that said I’d still say no to shooting him, and you can always sleep at night knowing you did the right thing.  Karma will come back around with another good shooter.

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    In VA he is DEAD!!! Unless you have a 1000 acre farm that holds them and they can grow the next person will shoot that deer. I have let a TON of deer go and never see them again. If it makes you happy do it! forget about all the let him live hype and by the looks of you avatar your killing some young deer. Not being critical but there are way to many armchair trophy hunters. We are hunters and we kill stuff.

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    My Buck killing skills are sick – too bad there not contagious!!! Big Bucks are easy - That's why I let them go and shoot little young ones :)
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    That was a Wv deer ha and I got the go ahead by my friend for 3 days of hunt Igot a 300 pound bear and then shot a 7 point with no brow points first buck in 3 years I had shot and he had pic of him last year and looked the same. last true buck was a 145 inch deer and he was going back so he was let go too long. I try my best on making the right call I’m only 19 I got a lot to learn yet ha. I learnt this year how fast you can go from watching over 10 oK bucks a year to only seeing 2 bucks and one being OK and the other a 6 point in just one hunting season its pretty sickening ha. But truth to it I’m glad I didn’t shoot. But they also didn’t get big by being dumb so they could just be laying low corn is still up tall and this year could be the best hunting I’ve ever had.
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    That deer is no more than 2.5 yrs old! He has great geens though! I would let him walk this year but try and keep him close by feeding and not scaring away does is essential. He is a trophy though a mount for sure if u cath him in rut with a swollen neck
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    If you are not accustom of shooting big bucks then go ahead and shoot but if you don’t mine holding off and risking eating a tag then let him walk, he has awesome potential. The last couple years I’ve been trying to trophy hunt ( trophy to me 2 1/2 and older ) area of NY where I hunt deer are lucky if they reach that age. When I get a itchy trigger finger the  first doe that walks in is done. After all to quote my uncle “all the horns are good for is to stir the soup” lol
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    You always risk losing an opportunity at a buck when you hold off to manage your property if you have neighbors who will shoot anything. He definitely looks like he is young enough that you could let him grow and potentially turn into a real stud. If you think he can make it without getting shot, let him walk. If not and you are happy with him, shoot him!!!! Good luck, there is no real correct answer.

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    August 24, 2013 at 8:57 am #591733 Back to Top REPORT

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    Idk how it is in other states but in Va and Wv you can shoot one buck in bow one buck in Gun and one buck in muzz and im not a 100% but i think you can buy extra buck tags.  Witch is not the best how is it in other states? And also if i am not correct on the tag thing please correct me.
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