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    So my speed average on 3 shots was 302 fps. Shooting 29″/71 lbs. Not sure the name of the chrono. I am shooting Black eagle Carnivore 350s. Total weight is 356 grains. I have no idea if this would meet IBO, but I thought I would pass along the info.
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    Ive spent alot of time at my local shop shooting the original creed,creed xs, and elite energy32. The XS appealed to me more because I hunt out of a ground blind most of the time and i loved the shorter A2A. The XS is probally the smoothest,quitest,most accurate and forgiving bow ive shot and this XS completely pulled me away from Hoyt. With that being said I ordered a 26.5/60# blacked out Creed XS and will post pics up when i get it rigged up
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    wasnt  impressed with the xs at all. i shot it along side the hoyt faktor 30 and elites new shorter bow, along with the xpidition xcentric. all are good bows but the latter 3 were better
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    Just got my new creed xs in desert tactical riser with black tactical limbs. Doesn’t come this way from the factory I had my local dealer set in up. It’s awesome I have a heli-m also and it’s a shooter too. Can’t say enough good things about both bows. I had a switchback xt that I shouldn’t of sold but I did. Oh well I’m a hunter not a extreme bow critic. I am satisfied with my arsenal and looking forward to the next season. Cheers!
Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)