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    I’d need to be able to take a few steps to the right and see where his shoulder is first… [=}=] :thumbup
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    NO NO NO :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown But I would draw and wait for those two steps forward.

    right on brother :thumbup

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    i couldn’t dream of it. :thumbdown
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    Thats not a good shot no matter how much $ you spend..sit tight and see what he does.
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    The only way to be sure is to throw a grenade… and I am pretty sure that that is out of the question
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    this is my story that i have relived everyday since my hunt last week. it is very accurate except for the part about the brilliant, intelligent , good looking son :p the elk was ranged at 45 yds but was totally behind a berm with a six foot clearing ahead . time to get ready . all i did was take my hat off remove my range finder from around my neck so it didn’t get in the way of my shot. binoculars were still around my neck . i put my hat back on and all this couldn’t have taken more than 8 seconds. when i came up he had entered the clearing and all i saw was elk body . the head was totally blocked off by trees and bushes. i said it can’t get any better than this and i double check yardage
    then drew back, anchored, split the 40 / 50 yd pins to the vitals and that is when i saw the two pine branches ](*,) i had to let down since i never practiced that kind of a shot and i didn’t know the exact trajectory of the arrow. i tried standing up to see if i had a better shot but he either winded me or saw me and he bolted out. if i took the time to practice with my binoculars and range finder both around my neck i probably would have had an earlier shot as he entered the clearing. i have always gaged the vitals from the front leg but since it was not in the picture it compounded the problem. after seeing the picture of the elk vitals i am convinced that i did the right thing by letting up. the only thing wrong in the picture is there was not a second clearing to wait for . it was take the shot or try stalking in for a different angle.
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    NO, if i have learned one thing about bowhunting, especially on here is PATIENCE, if im that close and hes unaware of me while grazing then im drawin back and when he goes 2-3 more steps then im puttin the smack down….if i dont lock up:whistle :whistle :D :D . [=}=]
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    I tip my hat to you. You made the right decision. If the branches had been right up against the animal, you can sometimes shoot between them. But letting down was the right thing to do, given what you saw. If you had time, you might have been able to range the branches, and then use your pins to figure out where the arrow would be at that distance on the way to the animal, but that takes a little practice.

    There are a LOT of “almost” opportunities for every good opportunity. Don’t let it bug you. Learn a lesson or two from the experience, and it won’t be wasted.

    The day will soon come when everything will be perfect, and you will watch the arrow in slow motion spin its way toward the mark. That day will eclipse the “almost” shot.

    Great hunting stories don’t come from those times when things went perfectly. They come from the times when things went crazy.


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    Pull back and anchor your pin. Sidestep until you just have an opening and let it fly. Had the same thing happen on a mule deer hunt. Separated by pine trees with a nice doe about 44 yards away. Pulled back and sidestepped until I was clear and stuck her clean.
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    I had a very similar situation happen to me. I did not take the shot and am better for it. I wanted to don’t get me wrong, but someone in our hunting party took a shot like that and they lost thier animal. All they got was some ivory and a rack the next day. Coyotes got the rest. And if you are not going to eat the animal and kill it quickly why shoot?
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    I voted no. Especially at 45 yards. Maybe at under 20 I might go for it.
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    Any Professional gambler will tell you that the cards you are holding is what should determine if you stay in the game or not, the size of the bet or pot is not relevant. In this case, you ain’t holding a hand worth a hoot.
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    What everyone said… there really IS no shot opportunity. Unless gut shooting the animal seems fair… i think your father should be REAL proud of himself not taking the shot. Wrong is wrong no matter how many hours you spend in a tent…
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