Would you shoot Big Foot ??

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    yes i would but at the same time do u think u could make a confident shot on him? and who wouldnt be crappin themselves beating though the bushes lookin for the big foot they just put an arrow thru. i would do it but id be freakin out. i have heard many stories about people thinking they have seen him or something they cant explain there is still a long straight away on a road we hunt that my dad and uncle still dont like to talk about, so i do believe he is out there and id love to string him up in my barn.
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    like you never been shot at.. :^O :^O :^O good one LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

    [=}=][/quote:qtkjw934]Well.. :whistle

    :oops: #-o :^O

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    No. I would try to take him alive.


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    I wouldn’t hesitate to let the air out of him. :shock:
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    I’m not sure :-B According to the locals I talked to that claimed to have seen them, they travel in packs, you might get the first one but the second and third might attack your butt.

    Plus I don’t think I’d need to shoot, they’d see the Rage on the end of my arrow and they’d ALL fall over in fear and reverance :^o :whistle :D

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)