Why is it so slow around here?

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    Hey Q2, you make some good points and some not so good.

    Our computers don’t have much to do with the speed of the site. I’m on a bunch of forums and only one is as slow as here. The rest are fast like the old forum was. If it was only our C64′s, wouldn’t everything on the WWW be slow?

    As for the title of the thred, I answered this and it was 1 day, 5 hours old and 5th down on the page. Pretty sad…

    You probably know more about puters than I…….I have great equipment at work, and I have zero speed issues, at home, not exactly a C64, but it is an older computer, probably 2003 or 2004, and dude I dont even attempt to get on here from there. I just figured that had something to do with it. Could possibly be my service at my house, its satelite internet from Hughs, but there are no issues with my kids laptops either. I’ve gotten on here a couple times from there. Like I said, I am puter literate…..but far from puter genius. More like the guy who can read, but doesn’t know a noun from a verb…….LOL!

    How do you like that Hughs satellite internet service? I’m gonna be moving to the country one of these days and will probably have to go that route. Any problems with it? Fast or slow? Price?

    I’ll give you my impression. It’s what you use when you don’t have any other choice. When I take teams down south to the orphanage we work out, our connection is via Hughes. It’s miserable compared to any other type of ‘broadband’. Between the bandwidth caps, monthly usage limits and delays when transmitting VOIP, sometimes I think we’d be better off setting up morse code.

    But, when you’re out in the ‘bush’ and there isn’t anything else available, you pay crazy high prices for otherwise pitiful service.

    I should probably clarify. I don’t really have an issue with Hughesnet, per se. They’ve actually been fine to deal with when needed. It’s just that compared to a cable modem or fiber, it’s so dreadfully slow and problematic. Maintaining a blog and uploading pics/video is excruciating.

    For getting on the net/forums/searches, etc, I dont think its half bad.  In my area there are 3 different speed connections, which increase in cost the faster you go.  We went with the mid range after talking with a few other folks about what we would be using it for.  In Chris case, I dont know, I dont blog or upload any pics from home.  My wife and kids have to have it for their home school stuff, and she doesn’t have any complaints about it…..other than it is a bit pricey, but when you only other choice is dial up, it aint that bad on price either….LOL!

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Viewing 76 post (of 76 total)