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    I just picked up an Outback for cheap with new Winners Choice strings. Couldn’t pass up the deal! It shoots great for a 10 yr old bow! This might take the place of my 2013 bow for next seasons hunting bow.
    Anyone else still shoot an Outback?
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    I just updated to a new chillr from my outback. Was thinking of selling it and am now thinking I may keep it as a back up bow. I guess I got the ‘new’ fever, but still really like my outback. Such a sweet shooting and comfortable bow. Congratulations on your purchase!
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    I sure do!  Sold my new Helim this fall and went back to my Outback for the same reasons.  You will not be disappointed with your purchase.  Congrats!  If you look at these forums long enough, you’ll see a lot of guys who go back to their mid-2000’s Mathews bows (Outback, Switchback, Drenalin) after shooting the newer ones!
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    Thanks fellas! Ya I agree. There’s something about the “backs” models that just feel right! They tune so easy and are accurate. They are just built for hunting. Can’t wait til spring gobbler season.

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    I still own my Outback, it was my first Mathew’s new bow I ever bought! The next year when I upgraded to the Switchback I reconfigured the Outback for My Beautiful Bride’s Bow.

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    Sweet bow Scott! Wow!

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    Still shooting/hunting/loving my switchback. Just took it in for a new string and cable for this year.
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    Chad Frazier

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    I still have mine also. I keep it as a backup, and take it out and play with it every once in a while. I still love it, even though it a little heavy, compared to my DXT.
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    my cousin bought his brand new off the shelf when they first came out . he still has it and dropping deer with it . says he hasn’t found anything to separate him from it . great bow .
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    Uh, that would be me! FWIW, I’ve never found another bow that is as smooth drawing, and steady holding as the Outback! I know it’s not nearly the fastest bow around these days, but it puts the arrow where I want it to go. Someone used the word “comfortable” to describe using the Outback, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a perfect descriptor. Somebody will have to do something quite extraordinary to get me to change!
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    I had a ’07 Outback, it was my first Mathews bow. It’s another one that I wish I had never got rid of.
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