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    On. :cry:
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    Heck, I’m at work right now :cry: so that means that I’m working tomorrow also……..week on, week off schedule [=}=]
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    Dubya D

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    been off all week with 2 more weeks to take off before the end of the year. :thumbup
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    My boss said I could have the day off…..wait a minute, I’m the boss #-o :D My office worked on Veteran’s Day so that we could have the day after Thanksgiving as our holiday….but I was in Iowa hunting on Veteran’s Day :D/ :p
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    Working 7-7 today. I wish I had it off as I would be in the woods. We have a couple inches of fresh snow and the temp and wind are perfect. Yesterday morning I went out and there was so much fog I couldn’t see more than 15 yards in front of me and it was pouring rain.

    As for the shopping on black friday I didn’t see anything worth getting up earlier for. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a better black friday!

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    I’m here at work from 9-1. UPS isn’t picking up, none of our customers are in and there is absolutely nothing to do. Makes sense that I’m here 8-|
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    Big B

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    I’m here doing nothing ](*,)
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    Just wish i had a job. It is really depressing to be jobless during the holidays :cry:
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    put in 15 hrs. today, all time and half. Working 3 hrs on Sat. on double time [=}=]
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    worked my normal 7am to 6pm day, the last 3 hours tho if we had closed I dont think anyone would have noticed…. :shock: :shock:
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    Funeral directors don’t get a day off.


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