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    Bow for me all season. Deer-turkey. I might pick up a gun next year for predator hunting.
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    i put in for mainly bow hunts or any weapon hunts here in New Mexico, but for animals like Oryx, if I draw a depredation hunt, I bring along the rifle as they are far and few between, the range depredation also use rifle..

    but i use bow for almost everything else, other than coyotes

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    im going to try to bow hunt only this year this is the first year ive got to bow hunt in a long time so im going to enjoy it :X

    Good! You should be putting some big points up for our team.

    I like to bowhunt, but in MD we can bow hunt from 9/15 to 1/31. I like to mix in black powder and gun when in season. I never kill enough with my bow and I donate to FHFH. So, I use a gun when I can.

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    i will do my best for my team :thumbup
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    John Henry1

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    All the time. :thumbup :thumbup
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    I bowhunt big game and gun hunt for birds and other small game.
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    I’m hunting with my bow all season..This will be the first all bow season for me..Matter of fact, I sold my rifle and shotgun after hunting season last year..Don’t plan on buying anymore either..
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    I hunt bow only. 8D
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    I like to eat. Whatever I can do to better my chances of filling the freezer, I’ll do.

    Boudin Stuffed Backstrap[/color:nlo5snit]

    Homemade Smoked Sausage[/color:nlo5snit]

    I put six in the freezer last year and I’ll have none left by the time deer season opens.

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    Bow only for the last 10 years but I am changing it up a bit this year. I’m buying a Remington 870 Camo Turkey 12 ga 3 1/2″ mag with a rifled barrel for deer and a red dot scope.

    Bow hunting is awesome, I just want to add a little variety to the mix. Guns are pretty cool too ya know.

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    I look forward to opening day of bow season every year and try and hunt at least 2 or 3 days a week ( or until I run out of tags ) work permitting We have a long season here in Delaware opens Sept 1st and goes till Jan 31st I always bring my bow during guns seasons just in case the urge hits me
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    I used to bow hunt until gun season and then wear them out with my old .308.

    At this point its mostly about being there, than killing something, so I only hunt with the bow.

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    Blood Bath2006

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    I have to say none of the above. It really depends on how I am feeling. The last 10 years though it has been mostly bow. I have to say I get the same feeling no matter what trigger I pull though :thumbup
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    This will be my 3rd season bowhunting and I haven’t carried my 308 in the woods since. I do still like to hunt with my smokepole on occasion, however, last year carried along my bow as well everytime I toted my BP rifle. I guess last season it was about 85% bow and 15% BP. Something about alll that smoke when you shoot is still pretty cool to me. :D :D
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    i only hunt rifle when i hunt a large field or clear cut or when someone takes me on their lease to hunt a large food plot or something

    95% BOW from SEPT. 15th til JAN. 1st

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